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Diana Jenkins Will Be Attending Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Taping Virtually After Testing Positive For Covid-19

After the conclusion of such a long and messy season — I know the viewers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are ready for the reunion. And we hope the Housewives are too.

Fans have been vocal this entire season regarding how they’ve been feeling about some of the ladies. We’ve seen OG Kyle Richards stir the pot and hide her hand. We’ve also watched her be not-so-great of a friend to Sutton Stracke — who she claims she really adores. Lisa Rinna has also had an odd season — picking little fights with Sutton about a seat at a charity event. Erika Jayne is uh… confusing — especially after her performance on last week’s episode. And the new girl Diana Jenkins well, she’s kinda boring in my opinion (and the fans’ opinion as well).

With all the back and forth, the shade-throwing in their interviews, and so much more — we all know that this reunion should be one for the books. The ladies taped last week and according to Page Six, all were in attendance except for one — Diana. Apparently, she has COVID-19 per multiple sources that have shared the news.

One source said, “She’s quite disappointed not to be able to do her first-ever reunion in person, and she would have loved to have been there — and be healthy — with the rest of the ladies.” In this new age of COVID, Diana isn’t the first Housewife to have to participate virtually. The entire cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 was filmed virtually and Brandi Redmond from the Real Housewives of Dallas was also filmed virtually during their season 5 taping.

The source shared that Diana was traveling back to Los Angeles from Hawaii and believes that’s how she contracted the virus. Despite not being physically present, a source shared she is “very much looking forward to” discussing the drama she was involved in. Also adding that “it’s a chance for her to clear some things up.”

She definitely has a lot of clearing up to do. A lot. Not only from her antics on the show but her antics off. Remember her “black content creator” comment. The way she’s relentlessly come for co-stars Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton (out of nowhere) — but as soon as they return fire, they’re the bad guys. As Sutton so graciously said, “Diana, you’re gonna have to clear this up.” Because we all want to know what was going on with you this season.


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Towards the beginning of season 12 airing, Diana had a pretty neutral start. She wasn’t that interesting but started to reveal herself as the season went on. Now, we’ve gotten to know her better over the course of 18+ episodes, and let’s just say… fans aren’t too pleased. They’ve come for her hard — forcing her to hire 24/7 security and also defend herself online on multiple different occasions.


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Although I’m a little upset Diana won’t be in person — because I was hoping Garcelle and Sutton would be able to open the library on her in person — as long as she’s there, I’ll take it.


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