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Teddi Mellencamp Says It’s “Hard” To Watch Dorit Kemsley Go Through Therapy On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Following Robbery; Says She Misses The “Old Dorit”

As a host of the podcast Two T’s In A Pod, Teddi Mellencamp’s job is to weigh in on all things Real Housewives. A lot of times, it gets her in trouble and rightfully so. But on one of her recent episodes, she shared a take that has fans scratching their heads due to her insensitivity.

As reported by Heavy, Teddi spoke about her former castmate and fellow member of the Fox Force Five, Dorit Kemsley. The traumatic home invasion Dorit experienced at the start of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been featured extensively. And it’s been a candid look at how Dorit is handling her trauma. But Teddi told her guest co-host Drew Sidora that she finds herself losing interest during some of Dorit’s therapy sessions.

When Dorit admitted in an episode that she was trying to “feel better and less jumpy,” Teddi offered a confusing opinion. “It’s just I don’t want to block anything out. I want to go through whatever emotions I have to go through because I feel like if I go through them, then I feel them and then I know how to process it,” said the former housewife.

Dorit also confessed during filming that she has had some “really good days” but still has lingering triggers. Said Dorit, “I have something that triggers me and I go into a complete state of panic. But I think as time goes on and I continue to do therapy, I think I’m going to be okay.”

This is when Drew, a current cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta chimed in. Drew said she does “understand the importance of being safe.” But then went on to say she wishes Dorit wouldn’t continue to talk about the home invasion. Said Drew, “I just feel like it’s a lot. It’s a lot to intake and it’s – the conversations are becoming – we’ve heard all we’ve needed to hear. At this point I just want to see her on a journey of healing. I don’t want to hear her talk about it. I rather watch her in action of getting the healing.”

Inexplicably, Teddi co-signed on this terrible take. Teddi remarked, “I miss the old Dorit. The old, messy Dorit that caused problems with everybody and like I love her and I feel for her and it’s not taking away her pain but they like keep flashing back to the same, you know, therapist, like you can feel like they are searching for something. And for me, that’s where it’s hard for me to watch because then I start to zone out.”


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Teddi went on to say that she enjoyed it when Dorit “was fighting with everyone” over the last few seasons. She concluded, “It was great and now we just don’t see it anymore and I think it’s because of the fan response and like she got scared.”

What a big yikes! Of course we all love the drama that Real Housewives provides us. But some of the things that these women go through in real life are not pretty. And there should be room for that on the show too. Teddi insinuating that Dorit is changing up her actions after a robbery because of fan feedback is just insensitive and weird.


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I’m sure plenty of us miss the “old Dorit.” The one who didn’t face an unimaginable event that has given her PTSD. But I’m sure no one misses the old Dorit more than Dorit herself. Teddi and Drew owe Dorit an apology for this one.


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