The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 14

Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Reunion Part 2

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was strangely light hearted. While the women continued spill their issue with one another, they laughed A LOT. Which was refreshing, much like the vibe of the whole season. But let’s be honest – the 3 part reunions are rarely necessary. This is a perfect example. Regardless, there were some moments that stuck out so here are my 5 takeaways.

The Icon Vs. The Ex-Con

Despite the Shade Assassin and the Fashionista coming together last season, Marlo Hampton’s first season holding a peach brought chaos to her relationship with Kenya Moore. Host Andy Cohen points out that Kenya’s issue with Marlo started when Marlo made gross comments about her mother not wanting her. While Kenya has said some horrible things too, she’s unwilling to get past that comment and Andy wonders why Marlo isn’t connecting those dots.

Additionally, viewers questions seemed to indicate that they were Team Kenya all the way. I have been a Kenya apologist for many years now, but I was surprised by this, given how Marlo received such a warm reception from fans. She might have fallen short in her efforts as a housewife, but her story was compelling. And she didn’t hold back on being vulnerable this season.

Unfortunately for her, Kenya labeled her sharing “disingenuous.” She noted that Marlo is willing to throw her family under the bus when it comes to their past but refuses to share her own. Kenya then calls her out for her real name being LaToya Hutchinson. And demands to see her CarFax and birth certificate. Producers are on it with the receipts and show Marlo’s birth certificate clearly stating her name as Marlo Patrice Hampton.

Marlo Patrice Hampton then ends the segment by calling Kenya a “lying b–ch.” Wondering if that will end up on Kenya’s CarFax.

Speaking Of Receipts

The RHOA producers worked overtime this season to make sure the women were held accountable for what they said. Shady? Yes. Do we need more of this on EVERY DAMN FRANCHISE? Absolutely yes. I love it when a housewife gets called out for a lie and as viewers, we deserve the truth!

So producers showed us an extended montage of Drew Sidora and Tampa Ralph Pittman’s receipts and it wasn’t pretty. My favorite was when Drew told us in a confessional that Ralph played college football. Only to get him on the phone and admit that he warmed the bench. Drew tries to explain it away that Ralph was “redshirted,” which is a common college football term. Now, I may be a diehard Real Housewives fan, but I am multifaceted and know my college football.

Redshirting is when a player, typically one who is coming straight out of high school, doesn’t play for a season. The reasoning is so that they can work to increase their size, learn the playbooks, and join the team when they have matured as an athlete. It also extends their eligibility to play in college. But redshirting is one season and Drew never bothered to clarify what happened to the rest of his college  career. Typical Drew – always needing a google search.

Just like when she tried to explain the whole gaslighting thing. She claims that she knew what it meant but didn’t think it applied to how Ralph treated her. Role the footage of Tampa Ralph gaslighting the hell out of her! Andy then points out how the couple got positively roasted for all this mess. Drew shrugs it off, saying that Mr. Tampa was upset, but they know who they are and are staying the course. Which I assume means Drew will continue to allow Ralph to gaslight her on national television.

The (Dog) Bone Collector

Nothing gave me more joy this season than watching Drew get dunked on for carrying about doggie bones to throw at people. Reminder: she doesn’t have a dog so she had to take her ass to Petco, all for some shade to fall flat anyway. Or maybe she got her assistant Anthony to do it. More on him in a moment. “Friend of,” if we can even call her that, Fatum Alford made it her mission to come for Drew.

Fatum made sure to let the table of women know that Anthony The Assistant Who Never Was said Tampa Ralph was gay. That earned her a doggie bone. But Anthony, who was the source of all this drama between Drew and Sheree Whitfield, didn’t get a bone. At least not one that we saw. And he is the one who deserved it the most, considering he told Drew that Sheree was She by She Don’t Pay.

Sheree decides to provide her own receipts in the form of FaceTimeing Anthony to get the real story. Anthony tells everyone that he was not Sheree’s assistant and she doesn’t owe him money. Which clearly means he’s on Sheree’s payroll as we speak. Because why would he say that when he said the opposite on camera? At this point, Anthony doesn’t need a Milkbone, he needs a gallon of water to quench that thirst.

Sanya’s First Rodeo

She might be a gold medalist but Sanya Richards-Ross admitted that being a housewife is harder than being a super fast runner. Running comes naturally, but housewifery does not. While I found Sanya to be somewhat of a clout-chaser, I’m always willing to give a housewife a second season. It’s so hard to get to know them and most of them come in either too hot or too cold (looking at you, Dr. Jen Armstrong). But Sanya came in HOT.

After Sheree shadily told Sanya she has to “handle” Kenya, Sanya tried her best to do just that. Kenya refused to give her the time of day, which is so Kenya. But I want to reiterate – Sanya tried. And coming for Kenya is no easy feat. Did she succeed? No. But I’m giving her a gold medal for tying.

Aside from Kenya, Sanya faced the reality of dealing with Drew’s misguided advice on marriage. Which would be like getting advice from Sheree on how to release a fashion line in a timely manner. After Sanya shared that she wasn’t ready to have another child, Drew basically told her it’s her duty to do that for her husband. Say what now? Drew might be stuck in a marriage filled with outdated beliefs, but the rest of us are living in 2022. Which Andy made sure to note.

But if Drew is anything, she is staunch in her terrible beliefs. And she smugly explained that if you don’t give your husband a baby, someone else will. WHAT ON EARTH? I’m going to need Drew to drop the terrible marriage advice and focus on who is giving her husband a rub down.

Regardless, Sanya was happy to admit that she is now on the same page as husband Aaron Ross. And while there is no timeline, they might be adding a 10th person to their household in the near future. There goes her trophy room!

Kenya Is The Moment When Moments Were Hard To Come By

Love her or hate her, Kenya came out on top this season. Not only did she deliver with her reads, AS PER USUAL, but she also brought a level of unbothered-ness that we don’t normally see from her. Like hanging up on Sanya when she didn’t feel like dealing with her and refusing to engage with Marlo on their trip to the mountains.

It’s clear that Kenya’s time on Dancing With The Stars gave her the positive energy that’s been missing from her life for awhile. Castmate Kandi Burruss pointed out that Kenya brought that energy into the season and it was nice to see. Kenya got emotional talking about what DWTS meant to her. She grew up dancing and always performed for her grandmother, who raised her. Now that her grandmother is gone, Kenya felt like she was dancing out there for her.

Unfortunately, the ex-husband who I refuse to name continues to be a thorn in her side. Kenya is not officially divorced and are are waiting on a court date. Luckily, Kenya wasn’t thinking about him at all when she successfully bagged a man named John in Jamaica. And she’s been doing group dates with friends, just enjoying herself and not getting into anything serious. So Kenya is busy winning right now and she joked she’s coming for everyone’s man. Ok, but please don’t bother with Sheree’s new boo, Martell Holt. Because everyone but Sheree knows he’s a walking red flag.

Finally, Kenya’s business is thriving thanks to Kenya Moore haircare being carried in CVS across the nation. Even Marlo admits that she uses it and her edges have never looked better. If only these two could work things out – their combined edges would be unstoppable.

Next week, RHOA finally concludes with part 3 and the husbands are invited. Which is always my least favorite part of a reunion because I literally do not care what they have to say. But we are getting them anyway and I’m hoping Andy asks Ralph to define what a redshirt is.


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