Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks Is Still Being A Supportive Friend To Jen Shah After Guilty Plea

Meredith Marks has done a full 360 when it comes to her friendship with Jen Shah in just a few short seasons of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. They started off the show as friends until the infamous sleepover where Jen may or may not have flashed her vagina. For some reason, it was enough to cause a friendship-ruining feud. Meredith was the leader of the anti-Shah Squad for a while. However, now that her friendship with Lisa Barlow is no longer in tact, she’s found an ally in Jen.

This is made even more complicated when factoring in Jen Shah’s mess of a personal life. We watched her get arrested on RHOSLC Season 2 and charged for running a telemarketing scheme with Stuart Smith. Jen doubled down that she was innocent to a fault until she didn’t. Jen flip-flopped as much as Meredith and recently pleaded guilty. It shocked everyone, especially her supportive co-stars, and revealed that she was complacent in defrauding the victims.

Since Jen’s guilty plea, it’s created even more unanswered questions that RHOSLC Season 3 needs to explain. It’s going to be full of mess even without Mary Cosby and her own brand of chaos. In this case, the plea made me question whether or not Meredith would be dropping her friend Jen yet again for the sake of looking good. But according to a recent interview with E! OnlineMeredith is saying not so fast.

Long story short, Meredith says she’s still being supportive of Jen even though she pleaded guilty. “I’m not the judge, I’m not the jury, it is not my job to convict her, it’s not my job to sentence her,” Meredith said. This woman always has to be so thorough even though she’s always just giving us answers that beat around the bush. Miss Marks added that she’s been checking in on Jen since the plea. “She’s been through a lot and it takes its toll,” Meredith said. “It’s emotionally very difficult, I would imagine.”

Meredith made it clear that while she still is buddy-buddy with Jen, she’s always been in support of the victims in the situation. “There were always victims whether Jen was involved or not,” Meredith said. Remember that fleeting moment during Season 2 where we were all bamboozled into thinking that Meredith was the one who called the Feds on Jen? How the times have changed.

Meredith said that she always thought Jen believed in her heart that she was innocent, so she was shocked to see her plead guilty. Yeah, and I’m shocked she’s still milking this reality TV career until the end. “I’m sure we’ll learn more of the backstory. I don’t think it’s something she can really talk about until after sentencing,” Meredith said. Boy oh boy. All I know is I’ll have my popcorn and bootleg Brooks Marks tracksuit ready to be parked on my couch tuned into RHOSLC Season 3 like a hawk.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]