Here’s The Reality Shows I’m Watching This Week

It’s the final push before spooky szn. As such, a few of my recommendations for what to watch this week are a bit off the beaten path. The others are on their final breath. Don’t be scared. Join me for what I’m watching this week!

Sunday – Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did this season really need a three-part reunion? For me, the sooner we can get to the Real Housewives of Potomac, the better. That said, I am one of the few viewers who seems to enjoy the husband segments during a reunion. Seeing how these men serve their presumably “best behavior”, on the spot, is fascinating. In fact, I would pay extra to watch Ralph Pittman continue verbally digging his own grave for what I am sure will be the ultimate public image death in the next season or so. All talk and no walk. Let’s gather ’round to see what word-salad responses this red-shirted father and the non-credentialed Dr. Ken have workshopped for our viewing pleasure.

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Sunday – Big Brother Finale

It’s finally here! After Britany Hoopes made her exit, we are looking at the final three lineup. As far as I’m concerned, if Taylor Hale can make it to the final two, it’s a done deal. We will have our first Black female winner in Big Brother history! Aside from seeing who will go home with the $750,000 prize, we will also watch as America’s Favorite Houseguest is crowned (an honor that now comes with a $50,000 prize!) Don’t miss this one!

Watch on CBS at 8 PM ET.

Streaming – The Challenge: USA

Yes I know this season just finished airing, but I am more of a binge-style viewer. No spoilers!! This show is a piggy-back off the soon-to-be wrapped Big Brother season. If you love MTV’s The Challenge and the slew of CBS competition shows out there (Big Brother, Surivivor, etc), this series might be for you. The Challenge: USA features Challenge style competitions with a cast comprised of CBS stars who mainly play a social game and lay down all day. The first episode features Azah Awasum passing out from doing mental math and walking up 22 flights of stairs. Very camp.

Stream now on Paramount+.

Sunday – Sister Wives

Yes it’s another Sunday show, but this is why DVR exists. And yes, I covered this one last week, but wow. You need this in your life. Even if you’ve never watched Sister Wives, I promise the little you know about this family from 2000’s tabloids will make Season 17 worth your time. Episode 1 of this season is over an hour of Christine Brown dunking on derranged Kody Brown using every single tool they provide in good therapy. They cover co-parenting, their non-existent sex life, and Kody’s ongoing favoritism for one of his wives/families. Christine is dead set on leaving this messy polygamist family, and it is honestly empowering. On the flip, there’s the joy of watching Kody pull out what is left of his frizzy 2b ramen texture bangs. Don’t miss it!

Watch on TLC at 10 PM ET.

Streaming – Escaping Polygamy

It’s the special-interest docuseries of the week. After lifting my jaw off the floor watching Sister Wives I needed more polygamy content. I cannot recommend Escaping Polygamy enough. This show follows a small group of young women who escaped the Kingston clan, a secret yet well-established group of polygamists in the Salt Lake City area. The show tracks teenagers escaping polygamy in an effort to avoid incestual or otherwise abusive marriages to the men in their clans. Absolutely captivating television. I give it all the stars.

Stream now on Hulu now.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]