Kathy Hilton Shares Fan Theory That Lisa Rinna Is Coming After Her To Take The Heat Off Erika Jayne

The drama continues. The Aspen trip was some of the best TV that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could serve. And while I was pretty irritated about the “to be continued…” when the next episode continued to well, nothing, I will allow it. Because the drama between Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton is just too good.

After Rinna left with Kathy in a sprinter van on their night out, she claims that things quickly got out of control. And Rinna was the one to usher Kathy out and take her home? The math isn’t mathing. Why would Rinna care about taking Kathy home when she was busy undermining her tequila earlier that day? I think we all know why. Anyway, Kathy’s alleged meltdown ensued and Rinna claimed she was so scared she hid in her room, all while texting Erika Jayne the play by play.

Once the episode aired, Kathy took to social media to blast Rinna for coming for her. ICYMI – In her confessionals, Rinna called Kathy evil and the devil. She suggested that Kathy isn’t who she says she is and that she was going to destroy her sister Kyle Richards’ family. As reported by Reality Blurb, Kathy couldn’t help but wonder what Rinna’s motive was.

In one of her Instagram Stories, Kathy reposted a poll asking fans if Rinna was “taking the heat off [Erika]” or just truing to “takedown” Kathy. Sadly, she didn’t post the results but the insinuation was there. We were all thinking it. Rinna pulled this mess because prior to it, everyone was talking about Erika’s unhinged rant.

Additionally, fans were quick to point out how Rinna has done way worse on the show. Clips of Rinna attacking Kim Richards on a cast trip to Amsterdam were shared far and wide. We all remember how incredibly wild that was and Rinna sure has a lot of nerve saying she was scared of Kathy when she literally lunged for a castmate’s throat. And Kathy was all too happy to share those clips too.

It looks like Kathy isn’t going to take any of this lying down. In another post she shared, a fan pointed out that Rinna’s efforts are in vain. The user mused, “I love how this season was pitched as a takedown of Kathy Hilton but here we are still laughing about tequila, the toothless and homeless, a conga lie and putting caviar on a damn baked potato… After Sutton [Stracke], Kathy has contributed the most iconic [RHOBH] moments this season.”

Despite Rinna claiming she wouldn’t talk about the show on social media anymore, we all know she won’t be able to keep her lip zipped. Stay tuned for her response.


[Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images]