Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Shares Fan Posts Calling Out Lisa Rinna For Her Behavior In Amsterdam

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in the midst of hyper-fixating on one topic and drawing it out the entire season. While the Fox Force Five is usually busy literally bullying Sutton Stracke to tears, Lisa Rinna is now setting her sights on Kathy Hilton. The hellish trip from Aspen somehow gave Rinna the fuel to insert herself into more of the Richards sisters’ drama. How convenient — right when Rinna’s good friend Erika Jayne made herself look like a real Disney villain in Aspen, she comes up with a plan to shift the attention to Kathy. I see right through Rinna and her 20-year-old haircut.

Long story short, Rinna allegedly was the only person to witness Kathy have a major meltdown in Aspen. Sure, the ladies admit that Kathy got upset in a nightclub when they wouldn’t do the conga line with her. First, they stick her in the bunk bed room, then they dog her tequila. I believe the conga line was a natural last straw for Miss Hilton. Anyway, Kathy got upset at the club but it wasn’t anything of note to the other women until Rinna brought it up. Then, Rinna took Kathy home and claims Kathy had an explosive rage of some sort. Sureeeee. Now it’s World War III in the RHOBH universe, and the heat just keeps getting turned up as we near the reunion. Now, Kathy has got out her iPad, cracked open a Red Bull, and is ready to clap back at Rinna.

In an Instagram post captured by @therealhousewiveszone, Kathy shared a few fan posts on her Instagram story that read Lisa Rinna to absolute filth. Paris Hilton taught her mom how to use Instagram and Kathy is USING IT, baby. The first post shows a side-by-side of two classic Rinna meltdowns. One screenshot is from Amsterdam when Rinna threw a glass at Kim Richards for talking about the husband. The second is from this season when Rinna screamed at Sutton and threatened to “f–king hunt [her] down.” The caption reads, “Lisa Rinna – ‘I’ve never seen a meltdown like that!’ Also Lisa Rinna -.” Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Kathy didn’t hold back. In another post, Kathy shared a collage of some of Rinna’s feuds from RHOBH history. The caption defended some of Rinna’s former foes, including Kim, Brandi Glanville, Eden Sassoon, Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, and Denise Richards. “Notice a common factor? I do. LIPSA RINNA,” the caption read. Go off, queen. Eden aside, I would honestly love to see Kathy reunite with all of those RHOBH alums to really make Rinna own it once and for all.

A third post shared by Kathy was from a fan who is also done with Rinna’s delusional behavior. “@lisarinna give it up. We’ve seen the same fake act after @lisavanderpump @deniserichards and now it’s @kathyhilton,” the post reads. “Anyone that gets too popular gets in her sights. Fake b*tch.” MISS KATHY. Remember when she told Kyle Richards to “knock it off” for swearing? Sure, Kathy probably had a diva meltdown, but she is a diva who breaks her own rules. It’s what I expect. I’m living for her desire to do the conga line being the catalyst for what let’s hope is Rinna’s final takedown. It seems like the fandom isn’t buying what Rinna is selling anymore, and her track record makes her far from the most credible person on the cast.


[Photo Credit: Shed Media/Peacock]