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Ashley Darby Has “Moments Of Missing” Michael Darby Amid Divorce

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has been dealing with her husband Michael Darby’s polarizing behavior since the show’s debut. In 2018, Michael was charged with sexual assault for allegedly grabbing a cameraman’s butt while the cast was filming.

Ashley’s husband was suspended from filming the show. The charges were later dropped, and Michael was able to resume filming RHOP.

In 2020, Michael was allegedly caught cheating, and there was a video. Just gross! Michael was spotted at a bar with a woman who was not his wife in 2021. Once again, Ashley made excuses for her husband.

Finally, Ashley announced that she and Michael were separating. In a statement to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Ashley wrote, “Almost eight years ago, when Michael and I said, ‘I do,’ we anticipated sharing every single day together from that moment forward. Unfortunately, that is not our current reality. We have decided to separate,” she said.

At least we won’t have to hear Michael make cringe-worthy comments about Juan Dixon’s anatomy. Ashley’s RHOP co-stars can’t stand Michael, so they were probably popping the champs at the news.

Ashley tossed a shade grenade at Michael right before announcing their split. She posted a selfie video on Instagram, with a song titled “Sad Girlz Luv Money” by Amaarae & Moliy. The lyrics are, “I’m gonna get paid, yeah, just gimme.” You go, Ashley!

Ashley spoke with E! News about her separation and co-parenting with Michael. “I thought it would get easier, but it’s been about six months now and it’s still so hard,” Ashley remarked. She shares 3-year-old Dean and 13-month-old son Dylan with Michael.

“There’s some moments of missing our relationship and when I see him being a really good dad it’s like, ‘Oh man, could I? Should I?’ because he is still a great dad and a hands-on parent and that’s what I find so attractive about him,” Ashley explained. “Michael and I did previously separate [in] 2017 but that was before I had kids,” Ashley said. “You know our lives just looked so different then.”

Ashley commented, “I never knew how many conflicting emotions a person has during this. Going through this process now and sharing it with the whole world, it made me really nervous,” Ashley shared. “I was like, ‘Am I going to look weak?’ So, I was really apprehensive about it but ultimately it was therapeutic to share my feelings and to have the support of my friends,” she added.

RHOP co-star Gizelle Bryant reunited with her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant, and then split again. Ashley isn’t sure if a reconciliation is in the cards for her and Michael, but she added, “never say never.” Please say never. I beg of you, Ashley.

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“Who knows what could happen in a decade, but at this junction, no. I really do think that it’s a better decision for both of us.”

In a head-scratching turn of events, the RHOP trailer dropped the news that Michael and Ashley were buying a house together during their separation. The Grand Dame Karen Huger was appalled by the idea. “Home buying is a very complicated process. He’s one of the most successful real estate developers in the nation’s capital,” Ashley stated. “Why wouldn’t I follow the advice of him?”

So, is Ashley ready to mingle now that’s she single? “When I was dating before Michael, there was no online dating—the whole landscape looked so different and honestly it’s petrifying now. The stories I hear and all these wolves in sheep’s clothing,” Ashley said. “I’m definitely going very, very snail-paced slow. I’m a little scared,” the mom of two added.


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