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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Intro Looks: Who Stole The Show?

It’s pretty common to hear astrology believers claim to feel “off” when Mercury is in retrograde, and that’s exactly how I feel whenever Real Housewives of Potomac isn’t on my TV. Life isn’t the same when I don’t spend Sundays watching Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger duke it out the same way they have since Season 1. Thankfully, our ladies are coming back and the universe will be at balance once again.

It’s just a fact that RHOP is a top-tier Real Housewives show. The ladies understand the assignment and the fact that the show has four OGs at its center shouldn’t go unnoticed. I love each of the ladies for different reasons, but when it comes to their fashions, that’s a whole other story.

Regardless, the RHOP ladies did a brand new intro shoot ahead of Season 7, and we’re here to break down all of the new looks to figure out who looks the best, and who should have gone back to the drawing board.  Consider this own our Grand Dame-inspired press conference to kick off Season 7, as the new intro photos indicate that there is plenty more to come.

Gizelle Bryant

The Grand Dame put it perfectly — thank god Gizelle is gorgeous because her sense of style is questionable. Gizelle has spent so many seasons getting dogged for her fashion sense and her decorating choices at the West Wing. She had a lot riding on a new intro look because she knew her ensemble would be under a microscope, and she didn’t do a bad job. She’s wearing a strapless red dress that goes all the way down to the floor, which is a bummer because we can’t judge her shoes. Maybe she’s wearing another boot under that thing. The dress has a cute shiny pattern on it, but it’s pretty basic. Gizelle is always beautiful and she kept it classic with her signature long straight hair with a middle part. She’s iced out to the gods with beautiful bracelets and rings, but she could’ve got slightly more creative with this look. Knowing Gizelle, this could have been a whole lot worse so we’ll give her a 7/10 while recognizing that it would probably be graded higher if we were comparing all of Gizelle’s outfit choices.

Karen Huger

La Dame, La Dame. Let me count the ways I love this look. Karen is the moment and literally looks better than ever. She’s wearing a fiery red dress with a high slit and an asymmetrical one-shoulder detail that makes her look like a tall shot of Fireball. Unlike moments in the past where Karen’s wig has been nothing short of tragic, her icy long hair in curls is giving us GRANDEness. The best part about this look is that there isn’t one element stealing the show — the dress is in plain fabric and the accessories are simple, yet thoughtful. That’s the tell-tale sign of a masterful look because it makes Karen herself the only thing you want to keep your eyes on. 10/10 darling, I have no notes.

Ashley Darby

Miss Ashley Darby is embarking on a new journey (finally leaving Michael Darby, phew) and she’s got the glow-up to go with it. Ashley’s dress is a very literal example of how Gizelle’s look could’ve easily been amped up. Both ladies are wearing strapless red dresses with shiny patterns, but the slit and ribbon around Ashley’s neck make it feel like an elevated piece. The slit also allows you to admire the cute braid on her shoes, unlike Gizelle’s dress which literally sweeps the floor. Ashley’s glam is a straight-up masterclass in makeup. She has long beach waves with a middle part that is so flattering to her face. Her makeup is obviously glam, but it isn’t too much that it takes away from her natural beauty. The only thing that might elevate this look is some blingy wrist jewelry as it would also fit the other ladies’ aesthetics, but it’s not like Ashley needs to be dripping in jewels for you to want to gawk at her. 9/10

Robyn Dixon

I love Robyn Dixon for her friendship with Gizelle, but it always feels like she is giving us the same thing. Her Season 7 intro look, unfortunately, follows a similar path. Her general vibe is giving OG Desperate Housewives, which is a plus. The short hair flipped up at the ends is cute and something different. The dress is flattering but basic. It looks like a plain mermaid bodycon dress that you might wear to a wedding or a cocktail party. Her accessories don’t help zhuzh it up — her thick gold choker has no bling or extraness to it. The strappy shoes would make sense with a dress covered in beads and sequins, but not something so simple. 6/10 (I’m so glad that Juan Dixon isn’t here right now to watch me read his wife’s outfit).

Candiace Dillard Bassett

Candiace Dillard Bassett knows how to turn out a look, and her Season 7 intro is literally breathtaking. She’s wearing a deep red velvet strapless dress with a high slit and matching above-the-elbow gloves. It’s channeling old Hollywood glamor, that’s amped-up with her red satin pumps and side-swept hair. She’s giving Jessica Rabbit in the best way possible. The only way to make it better would be if she was wearing an elegant diamond necklace to really reinforce the icon energy, but we’ll still give her a 10/10.

Wendy Osefo

Wendy Osefo is clearly not done showing off “happy” and “ness,” and is showing off her bodyodyody in her new intro look. She’s wearing a silk off-the-shoulder gown in a fiery bright red satin fabric. It’s another high slit, but Wendy arguably has the cutest wrap-around silver shoes to show off out of all the ladies underneath it. The dress also has a corset bodice that is super complimentary to her, and there’s just the right pleating to make this look the perfect balance between detailed and simple. Wendy’s side-swept curls and glistening jewels match the look perfectly. Again, I would’ve liked to see a necklace, but another 9/10.

Mia Thornton

[caption id="attachment_677246" align="alignnone" width="667"] Messy Mia Thornton is back to RHOP for Round 2, but her intro look isn’t indicating that it’ll go any better than the first time. It looks like she’s wearing a dated prom dress with the same everyday glam she gave us from Season 6. It’s a long red lace gown with a little glitter and a lot of cleavage thanks to a plunging neckline. The top of the dress is cute and flattering, but there’s too much length and too much lace that ruin the outfit. The earrings are cute, but her shoes are perplexing me. Honestly, I can’t tell if they’re cute simple heels or some bastardization of a flip-flop, but they’re not enough to earn her more than a 6/10

Charrisse Jackson Jordan

That’s right, OG RHOP fans, Charrisse Jackson Jordan is back and looks ready to invite us all into her champagne room. Chacha is a friend-of yet again on RHOP, and her look is giving friend energy. Mainly, her dress is the only one that isn’t a true red, swaying more pinkish maroon. The silhouette is giving very much mother of the bride energy, but it does fit Charrisse in all the right places. ChaCha is wearing the necklace that I wish CandeeGal had, but it does help bring everything together on the OG’s look. The off-the-shoulder tulle and flattering slit at the knee also show off her cute shoes. As for the glam, ChaCha has also never looked better. The makeup is on 10. Her hair is curled, parted in the middle, and is serving us high Potomac society. I’m so excited to have ChaCha back that I want to give her an 8, but the hue of the dress brings it to a 7/10 for continuity’s sake.

Jacqueline Blake

Jacqueline Blake is a new friend-of RHOP and is apparently tight with Miss Mia. For being the new girl on the block, she showed up and showed out She’s wearing a cute red bodycon dress that has one long sleeve and fits in perfectly with the ladies. The dress does fall at a strange place on her feet, but it is short enough to see her silver shoes. Her glam is totally on point and she looks ready to serve us everything as a rookie, even though she showed up looking like a vet. 8/10


[Photo Credit: Paul Gilmore/Bravo]