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Melissa Gorga Thinks It’s “Unfair” That She’s Held To A Different Standard Than Teresa Giuidice

They’re at it again! The Gorgas, I mean… talking all about Teresa Giudice. I can not wait for the newest Real Housewives of New Jersey season to air on Bravo. The drama revolving around one of Bravo’s most famous feuds is so gripping.

Let’s start with the fact that Teresa recently married Luis Ruelas. Thankfully, we’ll get to see that all play out on RHONJ, and the leadup to it will be everything and more! And at this point, we’ve all talked about how Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga decided to skip Tre’s wedding because of the drama during filming for Season 13.

Since we haven’t seen the footage yet–not even a trailer, it’s tough to see who’s right and wrong in this situation. What I do know is that both Melissa and Teresa have no regrets.

On Melissa’s On Display podcast, she had her fellow Housewife husband on to celebrate the show’s 50th episode anniversary. There, she started discussing the show and how “certain people are held [to] different standards,” per heavy. She followed up her comment by saying, “There’s very specific people that both of us surround ourselves with or even sometimes we’re forced to be around and definitely there’s family members and cast members that are just held to a different standard than I am.”

Hmm. I’m not too sure who Melissa was talking about here. It certainly can’t be Tre, right? I mean, it’s so hard for me to watch this family try to come so hard for Teresa when she has tried so hard to be loyal. Their first appearance as full-time cast members in Season 3 featured Joe showcasing his unhinged behavior. Let’s be for real right now.

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Melissa explained, “I feel like some of the other women that I’m around and some family members, it’s like if they do it it’s okay sometimes because it’s like they get a pass… That’s not fair, right?” She finished by saying she was “over giving certain people passes” and she didn’t “wanna do it.”

The boutique owner continued, “For instance, Teresa speaking about me on her own podcast [Namaste B$tches] for over 30 minutes and I’m just like, if I did that, she or anyone that listens to us would never let us live it down,” Melissa stated. “I’m sometimes held to a higher standard.”

You know what… I think I may even agree with her. I’m tired of the passes as well. I was hoping Bravo would stop giving you all a pass after your many dull seasons, but here we are.

Either way, here’s to hoping the cast is activated this season. Cheers!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]