Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein Says Lenny Hochstein’s Request For A Divorce “Was A Knife To The Heart”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 has just launched on Peacock, and it is everything. Not only are the ladies clocked in and ready to go, we KNOW that we’re getting one of the most intense Bravo divorces ever when it comes to Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein.

When talking about the day Lenny asked the RHOM star for a divorce, she told People, “It was a knife to the heart.”

“My life changed completely in the blink of an eye — and I didn’t see it coming whatsoever,” she said. Fans familiar with the show could probably see this coming. Lenny wasn’t very affectionate towards Lisa during Season 4, so seeing the headlines that he had a girlfriend while still married was not a shocker at all.

“I still can’t wrap my brain around the day he told me he wanted out,” Lisa said, which apparently happened a few days after the couple filmed an event for RHOM. “We were sleeping in the same bed for the last 15 years up until that day he told dropped the bomb on me. And now, suddenly, he wanted out? I felt so blindsided,” Lisa added.

There’s an intense hot-mic moment that happens at the end of episode 4, where Lenny spills the beans to his friend about wanting to separate from Lisa. Clearly, I wasn’t there, but I’m curious if Lisa really was as blindsided as she says she was. I mean, Lenny is NO Mauricio Umansky here, but still. No idea at all?

Lisa said, “He wasn’t sympathetic or empathetic at all about it either.” She continued, “It wasn’t a, ‘Let’s sit down and have a talk. I’m sorry that this isn’t what I want anymore.’ It was a cold, ‘I’m going to start dating, whether you like it or not,’ basically. It was completely shocking and devastating.” Lisa added, “I just couldn’t believe that the man I had been with for this long was treating me this way.”

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Lisa said that she was committed to working on issues with Lenny to ensure they were in a better place for the sake of their children. “Obviously, anyone can see watching the episodes that our marriage wasn’t in the best place,” she explained to People. “But I was trying to be a great wife and trying my hardest to make us strong again.”

The RHOM star stated, “I was cooking his favorite meals, creating happy memories with our kids — anything I could do to repair it. So it wasn’t that I was ignoring our problems, I was just desperately trying to fix this. And the best I could just wasn’t good enough for him,” she added.

It pains me to hear her say this because she is not the cause of Lenny being unfaithful. That’s something he has to work out between himself and a therapist. In the meantime, Lisa, we got you! The fans are watching and already having a field-day with Lenny and his side-chick on social media. This is your year, and I’m here for it.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]