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Here’s The Reality TV Shows I’m Watching This Week

Am I the only one feeling majorly disillusioned with the state of every Real Housewives franchise lately? Will I continue to watch? Yes. Am I going to continue to complain until someone out there somewhere (looking at you, Andy Cohen) does something about it? Probably also yes. Enough with the cliffhangers and scripted family scenes. Let’s pull a Teen Mom if we must, and break the fourth wall completely. Anything to spare me from having to watch another sit-down conversation we all know was planned out well in advance via text or maybe even script writing.

Wednesday – Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

So one bit of drama we can be sure no writer at Bravo cooked up is the arrest and conviction of Jen Shah from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I’m just as over her haphazard theatrics as you are, but now we’re being subjected to a reunion without Bravo’s top-ranking felon of 2022? So then why was she filmed for Season 3 at all? And what does that mean for the potential of Season 4? Join me in watching the reunion episode sure to cover Lisa Barlow’s explosive comments from a full season prior and Heather Gay dismissing questions about her “mysterious” black eye. Again. Maybe I’ll even be able to keep the Angies straight by the end of this one.

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET.

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Streaming – Real Housewives of Miami

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein have a grip on Real Housewives of Miami fans at the moment. It’s almost like we’ve been waiting over a decade for this marriage to implode. So far, nine episodes of this show have been released on Peacock, with a spicy mid-season trailer that just dropped. Lisa is grappling with the “sudden” loss of her husband while Alexia Echevarria seems poised to go after Guerdy Abraira any second now. I think Marysol Patton would join the drama if she could manage to take the straw out of her mouth. The thirst is real.

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Sunday – Real Housewives of Potomac

Another lackluster season, another “to be continued” cliffhanger just as things appear to be getting interesting. When we last left the ladies of Real Housewives of Potomac the Grand Dame in question, Karen Huger was rising in her seat at the dinner table. Queen Karen and Charrisse Jackson Jordan have been taking their time in going for the other this season. That should mean Charisse came fully planned and prepared to take her title as HBIC back from Karen. Yet I don’t see this being the boss-bitch come-up either woman has been waiting for. Imagine fighting over being the most influential woman in Potomac (on-camera) for a show with viewers who more than likely had to Google its location prior to Season 1.

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET.

Streaming – Pressure Cooker

Okay so onto some Netflix content. If you love Top Chef and Big Brother, this may be the show for you. This is a cooking competition series where chefs live together in a house and compete to win $100,000. There’s some secret romance, alliances, and of course, a ton of delicious food to drool over. On this show, the chefs judge each other, either after they have been eliminated, via blind taste tests, or sometimes knowing who they are rating. If you haven’t seen a bunch of crabby chefs try to play nice for compliments, this might be the show for you!

Stream Season 1 on Netflix now.

Monday – Below Deck

Of course I’m going to be watching Below Deck this week. We have to follow up on Camille  Lamb’s work ethic and Captain Sandy Yawn’s tenure as she fills in for Captain Lee Rosbach. Will there be a ticket home for the deck/stew turned full-time laundry maiden? Let’s find out! I’ll be doing a recap of this one so be sure to check back!

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET.


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