Dancing With The Stars Pros Val Chmerkovskiy And Maksim Chmerkovskiy Headlining New Wine And Cabaret Show In Napa, California

And now for something completely different, a brief pause from escalando Vanderpump Rules. In Dancing with the Stars news, what could be better than watching skilled, professional dancers in a beautiful environment? Adding WINE!

Makism Chmerkovskiy and his brother Val Chmerkovskiy are getting ready for an exciting new venture. They’re packing up and heading to Napa, California to participate in a unique new experience that will allow guests to get up close and personal. People has all of the details.

This summer Maks and Val will reunite for an “intimate and immersive dance show.” Yes, please! The guys will headline a new show called SAVOR After Hours at the JaM Cellars Ballroom at the Napa Valley Opera House. That sounds mighty fancy.

Val gave some details. “Basically it’s a different take on wine tasting and what that experience can be, because wine has an incredible culture. Part of our performance has always felt like it’s taking care of [and] educating our audience. It’s taking them on a journey with us. It feels like this intimate dinner party more than a ‘sit down and watch us on stage’ type of thing.”

Maks is positively giddy about scoring the gig. “I got goosebumps. I can’t wait.” The live performance entails guests being served five different pours of wine. And the tastings will co-exist with the type of dance Maks and Val are performing. It’s high art, y’all!

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“We describe the wine you’re tasting through dance, music, and magic,” Val shared. “And for us, it’s exciting because we’re using our vehicle to give the people a completely different experience, an entirely new way of experiencing and feeling wine,” he added. Yes, I too would like to feel the wine.

As an added bonus, attendees may or may not have to share some of their sips with the brothers. Maks is all about making sure you finish what you start. “There’s also going to be a lot of opportunity for me to grab a glass of wine off your table and do the drinking for you if I see that you’re not doing it fast enough. And I will give myself these opportunities.”

Val also said the show is very intimate, which is quite a difference from televised viewing. “This show is that type of immersive, so we finally get to do a show that is [a 250-seater], way more intimate than a theater production, than being on camera in front of millions.”

“And I think that Maks and I shine the brightest in those type of environments,” he said. The ensemble consists of 10 people. Guests will include performers from both Hollywood and Broadway. You can also look forward to appearances by DWTS stars Peta Murgatroyd and Jenna Johnson

Maks assured fans Peta will definitely show up in the second half of their schedule, as she’s currently in the process of creating a human being. ”She’s definitely going to make an appearance in the second half. Val’s wife is also very famous. She’s also going to be there.”

Tickets go on sale March 31 for any interested DWTS fans. If you go, have fun and beware of Maksim doing the rhumba in your general direction so he can steal your wine.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless]