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Raquel Leviss Files Restraining Order Against Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay After “Heated Confrontation”

Time to play Who Doesn’t Want To Attend The Reunion! While Rachel Raquel Leviss’ PR firm works to save the remaining fragments of her reputation, it appears she is ready to battle more than the Vanderpump Rules fandom. This is what happens when you secretly bang Tom Sandovile. Production on Season 10 resumed to catch reactions from the cast, as well as Ariana Madix.

As we wait for extra episodes, we already know the reunion will be where it comes to a head. Will Sandovile and Wreckquel reveal their longing to continue a relationship birthed from lies, cheating, and scandal? Are they prepared to face the onslaught of sarcasm and questions from co-stars and Andy Cohen?

Well, it looks like Rachel Raquel is now scared of Scheana Shay. When the bomb dropped revealing Raquel’s extensive affair with Tom, Scheana may or may not have manifested her frustrations in a physical manner. According to Page Six, Raquel filed a restraining order against someone who has to stand on her tippy toes to have a conversation.

Using her real name, papers were filed by LEVISS, RACHEL for a temporary restraining order against Scheana. The docs were submitted on March 7. The hearing will take place on March 29 at 8:30 am. It has not been revealed why Raquel wants the protection order in place or if the judge will even grant the request. The case type is labeled, Civil Harassment Prevention. The media has speculated Scheana allegedly popped Raquel after her tryst with a man vaguely resembling a cartoon villain.

After Scheana and Wreckquel’s mutual Watch What Happens Live appearance last week, the truth came out when Scheana heard Raquel on the phone with Ariana. A source shared, “At one point in the night, Scheana lost Raquel and then found her outside of the bar on the phone with Ariana, who Scheana could hear was bawling.” Scheana wanted to know why her BFF was crying and that’s apparently when Raquel snitched on herself.

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There might have been an “explosive exchange” which immediately catapulted Scheana’s street cred into the stratosphere because there’s a first time for everything. Also, she must have arms like Inspector Gadget because Raquel is quite tall.

But Raquel isn’t just going after Scheana. She’s going after the cast for the video she sent Tom where she wasn’t exactly singing “I Touch Myself,” but was definitely performing an interpretive dance number to the lyrics. It was a clip private in nature that might have been passed around by multiple people involved in this debacle. Raquel’s lawyers told the cast to delete the video and not share it. They further state it was recorded “illegally without [her] knowledge or consent” and quoted the California law against revenge porn.

Lala Kent had her finest performance to date with a response video to the lawyer’s solicitation, which now lives rent-free in my mind forever. An insider told Page Six the graphic clip has NOT been seen by anyone but Tom and Ariana.

I predict Raquel has zero intention of being at the reunion. Doesn’t want to face the music or the public. Either that or Scheana Tyson is incredibly intimidating in person, and we’re just now figuring this out after 10 years.


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