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Howie Mandel ‘Promised’ To Go Easy on Tom Sandoval in Scandoval Interview

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval appeared on Howie Mandel‘s podcast, breaking his silence on the Scandoval drama only for both men to be called out across the Bravo-sphere, but you won’t believe what Mandel said about the interview. With Andy Cohen naming Howie his “jackhole” of the day on Watch What Happens Live after the interview came out, things have been tense for the comedian and host in the wake of Sandoval’s appearance.

Howie finally spoke out about the interview after staying quiet for a few weeks, explaining that he purposefully took things easy on Sandoval during his appearance on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast.

Mandel chose not to “challenge” Sandoval during interview

Speaking to The Bachelor‘s Nick Viall on his podcast, Viall Files, Howie explained that things have been “really intense” for him since the interview. He has come under the scrutiny of Vanderpump Rules cast and fans alike. He joked he’s now a “fan” of Lala Kent, who called him out for being “random” in an Instagram story. Howie went on to share more about how the interview with Sandoval came to be.

According to Howie, the interview was organized through mutual acquaintances. One of his crew members is married to the drummer of Sandoval’s band, Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras.

Though he didn’t speak directly to Sandoval about keeping things light, he did agree not to “challenge” him during the interview. Howie shared that he told his daughter and co-host, Jackelyn Shultz, “If you hear something you don’t agree with, you can’t challenge. There are no challenges on this particular moment. We’re not challenging. That’s not what this is about.”

Howie added, “I’m not gonna put him in an uncomfortable position … I said, ‘Come on. You wanna speak? You wanna talk? Come on and talk.'” Howie says he doesn’t understand why Bravo fans have taken issue with him. He also doesn’t get why they believe he condones Sandoval’s behavior.

Sandoval cheated on his longtime partner Ariana Madix with Vanderpump Rules castmate Raquel Leviss over the course of several months. This led to him being publicly scrutinized for his actions over the last several weeks. With things looking up for Ariana after allegedly getting a spot on the next season of Dancing With The Stars, Sandoval was trying to find a way to share his side of the story prior to the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. That will begin airing on May 24. Going to Howie’s podcast may have been a mistake for both men. Sandoval didn’t take accountability, and Howie gave him a platform to speak on.

According to Howie, he’s seen a whole new side of reality TV. Though he doesn’t fully understand the impact his interview had on those who have been watching Scandoval with a close eye or the impact Lisa Vanderpump‘s series has on its fans, the podcast host does know that he ruffled a few too many feathers. For viewers, his coming clean about going easy on Sandoval feels vindicating.