RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY - AUGUST 19: Teresa Giudice and Louie A. Ruelas attend Antonia Gorga's Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration on August 19, 2021 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images for ABA)

Luis Ruelas’ Ex-Fiancée Files Restraining Order Amid Claims He Hired PI to ‘Stalk’ Her

Luis Ruelas is a man of many words. He’s also a man of many concerns. And Luis might wind up being the reason why Teresa Giudice takes a pause from Real Housewives of New Jersey. While Teresa continues to defend Luis’ bizarre behavior and problematic issues, he also may or may not have threatened her co-stars.

Luis advised he had all of their backgrounds checked and alluded to having information. He also said he made all of that up on a Watch What Happens Live appearance. Now more things are coming out of the woodwork. Luis’ ex-fiancée recently filed a restraining order against him for stalking. Page Six has the details.

The curious case of Luis Ruelas

Luis’ ex Vanessa Reiser believes he hired a private investigator to “stalk her.” Accordingly, she filed a restraining order for protection. Vanessa is a licensed therapist and her specialty is narcissistic abuse. During some atypical behavior from a patient, Vanessa noticed some red flags.

Per Vanessa’s attorney, Douglas Anton, the woman evidently scheduled sessions under a false name. She would also question Vanessa about her past relationship with Luis. Vanessa alleges she was asked, “Do you still love Luis?,” “How was it with your abuser?” and “If [Luis] were to leave his wife [Teresa Giudice] and show any regret … would you want to be with him?”

We already know Luis denies hiring Bo Dietl to get info on the cast. Bo Dietl also denied Luis “hired” him for any work, but friends often do pro-bono work. And there was that one time Bo Dietl lied about a job, so he’s not very reliable when it comes to refuting a claim.

Vanessa’s attorney continued, “It was weird that she kept asking all of this information that if Luis ever left his wife and he was unhappy, would she ever take him back.” When the “patient” would veer off subject, apparently Vandessa would “steer away from the subject and not so much talk about it.”

Because much of Vanessa’s antagonistic relationship info about Luis was public knowledge, she didn’t immediately find the behavior unusual. When the woman defaulted on a payment and didn’t respond to calls for a month, Vanessa filed a collections request.

Who knows Bo?

After research, they discovered the lady was not a “real patient.” She apparently used a false name to make appointments. Her government name was found and guess what – it ALLEGEDLY tied her to a list of staff for a private investigator named… Bo Dietl.

Bo’s office said, “We were never hired by Luis Ruelas to do any backgrounds on any cast members from the ‘Housewives of New Jersey. As far as whether he hired us for potential private investigations, that’s confidentiality [sic].”

An insider said Luis did hire Bo to “protect” him and his family. I’m guessing Luis also thinks little green men are running around because that man seems a bit paranoid. “Bo Dietl’s company was hired to protect Mr. Ruelas and his family, which now includes a total of six children, from individuals who posed a threat to their well-being,” the source shared.

Vanessa’s lawyer adds there is no “proof” Luis hired Bo to send a fake patient over. He hopes Luis will address the matter at the restraining order hearing. “Right now [Vanessa is] concerned that it was [Luis behind the woman’s visits] – and again I’m going by the questions – he is unhappy in his current situation and wanted to see if Vanessa would ever pay him the time of day. Because that seemed to be the way the questions were going.”

The attorney stated Vanessa does not wish to make a “mountain out of a molehill” and no criminal charges will be filed against Luis. He said, “She has been exceedingly happy living her life. She has a wonderful gentleman in her life and everything is going well. Her practice is going well. Her move to Jersey is just a wonderful thing and she didn’t want this at all.”

A “source” entered the chat …

Additionally, Vanessa’s motives have been questioned. “This is a woman who has a well-documented history of harassing and disparaging individuals with whom she was previously in relationships with,” a source explained.

“What she continues to do with Louie, she did with her ex-husband, and that is well documented in existing court orders. This restraining order follows that exact same pattern.” Also, it’s possible to date more than one horrible person.

Furthermore, Vanessa’s lawyer was not pleased with whoever tried to call her out. “We have no reason to believe that this anonymous source is anything but a liar as [they] clearly know nothing about the verified horrific facts and allegations contained in the requests for restraints that Ms. Reiser has had to file in the past just so that she and her family could feel safe.”

When it was implied this is an attention grab by Vanessa, her attorney responded. “That’s the last thing Vanessa wanted to do. Vanessa did not invite Bo Dietl’s investigator into her office. She chooses to lead a very private and professional life.”

Luis’ lawyer also entered the chat …

Meanwhile, Luis’ lawyer acknowledged the TRO. “The New Jersey anti-domestic violence statute is meant to serve as a shield, not a sword, which is taking place now. We categorically deny all of the allegations and are looking forward to being vindicated in court.”

Teresa’s lawyer, the same guy who used to hang around while she was in jail, also had something to say. “Teresa’s primary concern in life is the safety and sanctity of her family. All of this drama that surrounds her and what you see on the show or on social media has absolutely zero effect on her, except for how those things have negatively contributed to destroying her relationship with her brother.” Sure, Jan.

The curious case of Luis continues. Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 will reach its peak on Tuesday, June 13 at 8/7c on Bravo.