Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel Found Jill Zarin Reunion ‘Liberating’

Real Housewives of New York fans remember how co-stars Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel fell out. They were the best of friends during the first three seasons of the show. Bethenny got a taste of success, and Jill became bitter. When Jill’s beloved husband, Bobby Zarin, became ill with cancer, Jill blasted Bethenny for not being there for him.

After not speaking for 13 years, Bethenny and Jill sat down for her ReWives podcast. Bethenny spoke to The Messenger about her experience.

Are Bethenny and Jill besties again?

“It felt liberating. It was going to happen at some point but it wasn’t just that we ran into each other, we hashed it out,” Bethenny explained. “But it felt liberating also because when you’re a Housewife, you’re always waiting and begging for scraps from Bravo to say your piece.”

She continued, “And here, it was freedom. We didn’t have to go talk to some executive and pitch this as an idea.”

Naturally, Bethenny had to pump up her podcast. “The podcast is not for Housewives, ironically. It’s about Housewives. This is the first Housewife I’ve ever done. This is the first live and unedited I’ve ever done,” the Skinnygirl mogul stated. She added, “This is the first one-on-one with Jill I’ve ever done.”

It sounds like Jill is getting the royal treatment. “We’re managing it all, and we’re doing everything right, and we’re flying her in and we’re taking care of her and the whole deal,” the podcast host said.

During the podcast, the ladies disagreed about whether Jill leaked information to the press about Bethenny. Despite this, the pair let it go.

Bethenny feels positive about the future of their friendship. She said, “We’ve been texting and talking. I told her we’d go for a beach walk, because I love the beach walks, and I’m sure we’ll all go to dinner and go to Candy Kitchen and we’ll be friendly and friends.”

She continued, “I think that I had a nice time with her. I’m grateful. She came in, she trusted me, she submitted completely, and she was a pleasure. And I believe that she was honest,” Bethenny added.

Jill will be joining Bethenny again to break down the rebooted RHONY with its new cast. Buckle up!

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