Bravo Stars Who Give Us the Ick

Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix
(Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

Not every Bravo personality is a hit amongst viewers, as sometimes a character or two can give fans the ick. If you’re not familiar with the concept of “the ick,” it’s in reference to people who just somehow make your skin crawl, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly why. Sadly, once you get the ick about someone, getting rid of it is almost impossible, and these are the ickiest Bravo stars we know.

Thomas Ravenel

Thomas Ravenel/Instagram

The disgraced South Carolina treasurer didn’t actually have a lot going for him while appearing on Southern Charm. Thomas Ravenel gave fans the ick when he started dating Kathryn Dennis, who was 21, when he was 50. He often gaslit the redhead and tried to control her.

After breaking up with Kathryn, he then moved on to Ashely Jacobs, who was like an evil stepmother reincarnated. Thomas’ whole demeanor didn’t match the Bravo series, with fans wondering why most of the stars would want to hang out with someone who could have been their dad or grandfather. 

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval
(Photo credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Our next example doesn’t need an introduction, as Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules has many moments where he could have turned off his followers. Forgetting about Scandoval, Tom’s lack of self-awareness has always been a major issue for viewers. The way he often tried to act woke didn’t help either. For years, Tom has done his best to be eccentric, which has included overdoing it with his weekly white manicures. And even his ongoing trumpet playing was cause for concern.

No matter what was happening, Tom always wanted to be the center of attention, hardly letting anyone else share the spotlight. In the end, the cherry on top for Tom was that he thought it was okay to brainwash Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss and lie to his girlfriend of nine years. And honestly, the mustache doesn’t help give us the warm and fuzzies.

Shep Rose

Shep Rose/Instagram

Southern Charm’s resident playboy, Shep Rose, has been giving fans the ick for years now. The 43-year-old hasn’t really had to work a day in his life since he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But what really irks followers is how entitled Shep can come across at times. Fans can’t forget the time he mocked a homeless woman, thinking he was making a harmless joke.

Shep’s dating history also doesn’t bode well for him. He often bragged about sleeping around while being torn on settling down. Shep gave off multiple red flags to women who could see he just wanted a bit of fun. The nail in Shep’s coffin came after he yelled at Taylor Ann Green and revealed he had cheated on her. No wonder he’s one of the ickiest Bravo stars.

Austen Kroll

Will Folks/YouTube

Another Southern Charm charmer also made this list thanks to his cringey threesome video. Austen Kroll was well-liked when he first entered the series, as he seemed like a nice boy from Charlotte, NC. However, he soon began showing signs of the ick when he began dating Madison LeCroy. In 2019, a two-minute video went viral of Austen and Madison having an argument while he was standing in his underwear. It appeared that the blonde had walked in on Austen with two other women in his bed; yikes!

The video started with Madison yelling, “This is bullshit!” Austen almost embarrassingly screamed, “Madison! Madison!” At one point, Madison is seen asking one of the women if she “fu*ked him last night.” The woman answered no, and Madison fired back, “So then why are your panties lying by the bed?!” In an attempt to cool down the situation, Austen yelled, “Because they slept in my fu*king bedroom,” Austen continued to call Madison a “crazy person,” which didn’t help his argument, as it left him looking really sloppy to viewers. 

Lydia McLaughlin
Lydia McLaughlin/Instagram

No amount of pixie dust can save Lydia McLaughlin from the Real Housewives of Orange County from making this list of the ickiest Bravo stars. The mother’s sense of entitlement was hard to swallow, even though she tried her best to camouflage it as pure kindness.

Bravo viewers found it hard to like Lydia, as she came across as the type of person who has never not had things go their way, which is unrelatable to the average viewers. Also, her preachy Bible night didn’t resonate on a show that was basically about fighting and drama.