Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 10 Recap: A Doppelgänger Disaster

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Could d*ck pic gate finally be over on the Real Housewives of Orange County? That’s what was agreed upon on the last episode over dinner with Tamra Judge and Eddie Judge versus Jennifer Pedranti and Ryan Boyajian. Ryan decided to jump right in and bring up the photo. This opened the door for Eddie to get messy and put Ryan on the stand. Eddie grilled Ryan with twenty questions from, are you a cheater, did you want to sleep with Tamra, and what’s your favorite color?

Ryan denied all charges and the group decided to move on. Tamra wanted Jenn to trust her again and Jenn was willing to try and make it work. Even if it meant another napkin in her face. Shannon Beador and John Janssen had their popcorn at the ready as they watched the drama unfold during dinner. The two remained under the radar, and their relationship troubles still remained a secret. For now.

The dog days of fall

A cute pet montage kicked off the show. Heather Dubrow’s dogs Foxy and George sent their assistant to Starbucks for puppuccinos, while Shannon’s dog Archie jumped in the pool after a tennis ball with three lab besties. Emily Simpson also got wet giving her dog Fisker a bath, and Jenn had seven kittens laying about waiting for some milk. 

There were no pets for Tamra and Eddie however as they were busy setting up Eddie’s new office. He was off on a new venture, destination unknown. Tamra also dished she and Jenn were hosting a party and everyone had to come dressed like one of the RHOC housewives. She had picked Heather and planned to act snooty for the party. Don’t forget to have the IMDb app up and ready!

Gina Kirschenheiter met up with Heather at a pumpkin patch and discussed drama amongst the group. Gina couldn’t get over Jenn hosting a party with Tamra after the way Tamra had treated her. Heather didn’t have beef in that conversation so she steered it over to Shannon. Heather said she heard Shannon expressed concerned regarding Gina’s relationship with Travis Mullen. This set Gina off. She said that Shannon was using her relationship as a point of conversation so she wouldn’t have to talk about John. Heather neither confirmed or denied as she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Shannon. Too late for that.

Always trust your gut

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap
(Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images)

Jenn needed a pep talk so she met up with her BFF from college, Taylor. Taylor had also grilled Ryan on his intentions with Jenn, and Ryan gave the same response that he would marry her once she was divorced. Taylor told Jenn she should move forward with Ryan and wondered what she was waiting for. Jenn was worried about her soon to be ex husband William Pedranti possibly losing his job from the family business once they divorced. She was also concerned that once Ryan had a ring on his finger he would feel trapped. Jenn said she and Ryan operate well right now and she’s happy with how things are. Jenn needs to stop asking everyone else’s opinion and trust her own gut on what to do.

It was glam time as the ladies prepped for their dress up as each other party. Tamra wanted her glam to give her the highest cheek bones ever. Shannon got a ton of sparkle shadow and big permed hair as Gina. Vicki Gunvalson showed up to Shannon’s house and proclaimed the OG in the OC only goes as herself to a party. Two snaps, Vicki! Vicki was hoping three times was a charm for boyfriend number three as he met her list of 18 requirements. Shannon kept with the story all things were well with John and proclaimed Heather could rain on her parade all she wanted. 

Everyone understood the assignment … except Taylor

The ladies arrived one by one to Jenn’s house dressed up as each other. Tamra stole the show as Heather. She came in hot shooting her cash cannon and wearing a logo’d out black mini. Jenn dressed as Taylor Armstrong, and had the white cat from the famous meme on her fanny pack. Gina showed up as Emily and looked amazing with the long brunette hair. Emily then stumbled in as Shannon and shrieked, “Am I late?” All she was missing was the feathered cuffs on her blazer. 

Heather arrived as Jenn and pushed her stroller of rescued stuffed animals into the party. Shannon came in as Gina and wore her best glitter eyeshadow and glitter dress. Everyone loved it except for Gina who said that Shannon picked one of her older looks. To be honest, Gina has the same look except she now has short hair. Taylor wandered in as Tamra and she couldn’t have failed the assignment more. She literally did nothing but stop at Target and grab work out clothes off the rack. Gotta learn how to get into character if you want to be an actress, Taylor! Vicki arrived last and took it home as herself with a giant keg stand. It would have been amazing if she rocked an old sky top. 

While the ladies tried to do keg stands, Emily pulled Gina aside to talk about Shannon. She was hurt that she had confided to Shannon about her relationship, but Shannon never shared anything about hers. Emily and Gina agreed that Shannon should just fess up about her issues since everyone already knows about it. A glitter bomb was about to explode.

The big reveal

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap
(Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images)

The mood was still light with the group as they played a game called do or drink. The person reading the card would pick someone at the table to enact what was on the card or they had to drink. Surprisingly, everyone did was what on the card. Vicki enacted her favorite sex position, Gina motorboated Jenn, and Taylor licked Emily’s nipple. They were in it to win it! But the cracks started to show when Emily mimicked Shannon’s hands flailing about and Shannon was not amused. 

Things took a turn for the worse when Tamra and Heather began arguing on whether or not Heather told Emily that Shannon’s relationship wasn’t in a good place. Shannon decided to pull Heather aside and ask her if she was talking about her behind her back. Heather denied it and said it was everyone else talking about her. While Shannon and Heather went back and forth, Emily shared the big reveal was John left Shannon at Nobu after a huge fight. What is it with this cast wasting good Nobu sushi?

Tamra then confirmed with Emily and Gina that Heather told them about Shannon’s relationship. Heather’s ears were burning and she asked Tamra what she was whispering about. The chess game was back on as Tamra asked Heather to admit she talked about Shannon. Heather then blocked Tamra’s move by accusing the whole group of talking about her. Gina chimed in and accused Shannon of meddling in her relationship with Travis. And then the glitter bomb officially went off. 

We’re all the bad guys

Shannon ran away from the group with Tamra and Emily behind her. Meanwhile, Heather lamented to Gina that Emily was coming after her. She didn’t like she was being portrayed as Dick Dastardly with Machiavellian plans to take down the group. However, Heather got down and dirty in her confessional when she shared that John didn’t spend the night and Shannon paid for everything. Emily said in her confessional she thought John was not invested and Shannon could do better. She also added John allegedly called Shannon “unattractive.” Oop.

Emily tried to calm Shannon down and let her know she was on her side with good intentions, but Shannon didn’t want to hear it. Emily left defeated and went back to the table and accused everyone of being the bad guy in this. Tamra asked Shannon if she thought Heather was lying and she wasn’t sure. Just then Heather arrived to check on Shannon. Shannon wondered about the rumors regarding Heather’s relationship with her husband, but Heather shut that down as nonsense. That wasn’t the response Shannon was looking for so she stormed off with Vicki.

Heather then accused Emily of having it out for her and she wasn’t having it. Emily admitted she had a point. While they talked it out, Shannon ranted to the production crew about how great her relationship was with John. Sounds great to me. Vicki and Tamra then packed Shannon safely into the car, and they headed off into the night as Jenn’s fire alarm blared in the distance. 

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