Best Vanderpump Rules Cast Makeovers

Stassi Schroeder
(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for DSW)

The group of SUR servers who became famous on Vanderpump Rules have some of the best fashion sense out of any Bravo franchise. Thanks to living so close to places like Rodeo Drive and Hollywood, each star has developed their own eclectic look. Between the ever-classy preppy look and the grunge musician phase, fans have loved to watch the ever-evolving style of the cast change. Below are our picks for some of the best makeovers in the series.

Tom Schwartz


Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner is clearly going through his Ken phase with this new look. While Tom Schwartz is still adjusting to life as a single man, his new blonde hairdo is giving the dog dad life as he tries to move forward. Tom shed his mousy brown locks for an Eminem Slim Shady vibe, which may take fans some time to get used to. 

Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney/Instagram

While I love Katie Maloney circa Season 1, as her hair was everything, the Something About Her owner is embracing more of a short hair, don’t care feel nowadays. The new look includes an edgier feel to her clothes, using basic monochrome black for staple pieces. When Vanderpump Rules first aired, Katie was all about pink and baby doll dresses. But since her divorce, she has embraced curve-hugging fashion in order to reinvent herself. 

Katie’s recent style choices have included nightie dresses, cowboy boots, and a plethora of fashion hats. Even though this writer wishes she would steer herself back to earlier looks, overall, Katie is working it with viewers, hoping she brings her A-game for Season 11

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

Here, we are just hoping we can materialize the idea of Stassi Schroeder returning to Bravo since, without a doubt, she is the style icon of Vanderpump Rules. As faithful viewers are aware, Stassi’s style started as a goth look, maybe due to her love of Halloween. Her hair and makeup were darker and she often wore all black.

However, as the series became more popular with fans, Stassi’s hair started to lighten, and she began to lean towards a Nantucket vibe, including statement necklaces, jumpsuits, and tailored blazers. 

Along with a change of garments, Stassi has also dabbled in a few plastic surgery procedures that have enhanced her overall look. At 18, Stassi went under the knife for a chin augmentation. Years later, the star also had a breast reduction. Like most other TV stars, the mother of one has had her fair share of fillers and Botox to help her in the aging process. Whatever Stassi is doing, it is clearly working for her! 

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but you have to admit, Tom Sandoval has improved on his look over the years. The former bartender showed up for Vanderpump Rules Season 1 in a surfer tank top, board shorts, and flip-flops.

While we think his shorter hair was a better choice, he now sports a shaggier look. Given Tom has made some risky choices with his pattern shirts and platform shoes, the eclectic style actually seems to suit him. You can tell he takes pride in his appearance, even if he doesn’t take pride in his relationships.

Lala Kent

Lala Kent/Instagram

When Lala Kent was just a SUR host, her fashion looked a bit rough (don’t come for me, Lala!). There’s no denying Lala looked like a hot mess. It was hard to decipher exactly what she did for a living between her messy bun, too-dark foundation, and lack of clothing. When Lala first appeared on the show, she would show up on a red carpet wearing scratchy pink dresses with Orcas on them that Lisa Frank could have inspired. 

But the mother of one has had one of the best makeovers in Vanderpump Rules history. Now, Lala has turned her fashion around, as she has said goodbye to her dark lip liner in favor of a fuller, more natural-looking lip. Lala has also hung up her trashier clothing for more overtly sexy dresses, which she stuns in, by the way. The proud mama has also let her hair grow and usually wears it in beautiful beach waves. Needless to say, Lala takes home the best-dressed award for us!