Times When the Men of Vanderpump Rules Were the Absolute Worst

James Kennedy, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor
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The men of Vanderpump Rules are not great role models. Hear me out, we all make mistakes, but typically, lessons are learned and signs of growth occur. Out of the current men, the only two whom we’ve seen any signs of maturation from are James Kennedy and Peter Madrigal. However, Peter’s almost always been a solid guy…

As for past cast members who don’t deserve lengthier coverage, two men quickly spring to mind. Frank Herlihy and Randall Emmett, we were not sad to see either of you leave.

Frank used to date Stassi Schroeder in Season 1. Once the pair split, Frank (allegedly) tried to sell an intimate tape of the pair. Randall is Lala Kent‘s ex, and he’s currently fighting accusations of sexual misconduct and using his assistants for illegal activities.

As for the current stars, these were the times when the men of Vanderpump Rules were the definition of being the absolute worst.

The Toms Gaslighting of Women


Sandoval gaslighting Ariana in rhis scene of Vanderpump Season 10, Episode 11 was hard to watch. He plants the seeds for their break-up, so he’s not the bad guy. This is what narcissists do. They could never be the bad guy. #CapCut #scandoval #vanderpump #FYP #bravo #bravoholic #bravoaddict #bravoTV #andycohen #tomsandoval #arianamadix #raquelleviss #rachelleviss #vanderpumpseason10 #SUR #scandovalgate

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The Toms are known for their gaslighting and deflection. They are also known for placing blame and loudly arguing with the women on their series.

Case in point, when Sandoval began his affair with Rachel Leviss, he began to spin the narrative, gaslighting viewers into believing that he and Ariana Madix were having troubles. This would take a lot of heat off of him when they broke-up and he began to publicly date Rachel.

Cute failed planning, Sandoval.

To be fair, Sandoval even gaslit Rachel throughout their affair, making her think that he was close to breaking up with Ariana and that they were not intimate.

Both Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are known for gaslighting Katie Maloney. Before their divorce, Schwartz would say awful things to Katie. When Katie would show signs of anger, Schwartz would play the innocent victim card. Sandoval would always join in, even once going so far as to call his buddy a “battered husband.”

Schwartz is also known for his vicious scenes with the ladies, yet we’ve never seen him raise his voice at Sandoval. Schwartz has thrown drinks in anger at both Stassi and Katie, and when Lala called him out in Season 10, he raged, then resorted to treating his actions as if they were a joke.

Sandoval tried to rage at Stassi during her Season 8 book signing, but she ate him alive for being the absolute worst male in her orbit. We loved that for us him.

James Kennedy’s Past Treatment Of Women

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Currently, I am on the James bandwagon. He’s cut back on his liquor intake, has purchased a home, and is dating the incredibly sweet Ally Lewber. James has even become an ally for Katie, whom he used to body shame.

That said, his past actions were the absolute worst. Throughout the series, James’ alcohol abuse often fueled his anger and rage, causing him to lash out at Katie, Lala, Kristen Doute, and even his former fiancé, Rachel. James has been known to call out the female form as well, especially when finding “summer-bodies” not ready for the season.

Not cool. But on James, again, we’ve see growth. That said, Kristen continues to hint that the “dark truth” will soon come out about her former partner, because no one seems to want us to have nice things.

The Tone Deaf Police Prank

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In Season 8, Randall and Jax Taylor hired fake cops to arrest Sandoval at a party. Katie rightfully labeled this as a joke in poor taste, due to police brutality being on the rise. Recoiling at Katie’s correct take, Schwartz proclaimed that he’s “never been more turned off in his life,” adding “this is why I never have sex with her.”

Katie was in the right, yet none of the men could see this and chose to blame her for “ruining the fun.” However, Sandoval did attempt to stop Schwartz from his ranting, but it failed, because the men were the absolute worst on this night.

All Of The Times That Men Have Cheated

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We are not giving Jax a ton of coverage here, as he is no longer on the series. But, he has been spotted filming recently, so we will throw his name out one more time. Jax cheated on Stassi in Seasons 1 and 2, then cheated on his now-wife Brittany Cartwright in Season 5. As they are still married and are now parents, perhaps there’s hope that Jax has changed.

James Kennedy cheated on Rachel with Lala, which came out in Season 10. He also cheated on Kristen, which was so “dumb and stupid,” as Kristen is a secret detective and you cannot convince us otherwise. She confronted James after finding an Uber receipt, and it all unraveled from there, despite his attempt at covering up his actions.

Tom Schwartz cheated on Katie when they were dating, engaged, and married. Though Schwartz claimed that most of these slip-ups were “just kissing,” it’s still just cheating, bruh. When they divorced, Katie found her voice and began to call out his actions, making Season 10 have several satisfactory “it’s about time” moments.

Sandoval is currently the number 1 cheater of the group, as his affair with Rachel is literally everywhere. In Season 2, Sandoval cheated with Kristen (yes, we know, she also cheated). He spent the entire season gaslighting Kristen into believing that she was overreacting about the rumors of his cheating. But oh—the Miami Girl rumors ended up being true, and it’s also alleged that he cheated on Ariana many times.

We now wait with hope that Season 11 will bring us less of these absolutely horrid narratives from the men.