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Lala Kent Explains Grievances With Rachel Leviss

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is explaining what her current problems are with Rachel Leviss and my question is, why? Let’s be clear, Lala has always had a problem with Rach and she didn’t need to screw Tom Sandoval on the side to get Lala’s finger in her face.

Recently Rachel has been emerging from her shell after a self-imposed isolation when Scandoval went down. She literally removed herself from the narrative and for the most part, the cast is leaving Rachel alone. But not Lala, because Lala will never be able to leave Rachel alone.

Lala believes Rachel still wants attention

Fans of Pump Rules have pretty much moved on from Scandoval and we’re basically bored with the subject. When the cast who were so dead set against teaching Sandoval a lesson didn’t take long to cozy back up to him, viewers began to side-eye.

Lala spoke out when Rachel recently blocked Sandoval on social media. You would think such a beacon of feminism and supporter of women would back Rachel on this decision. You would also be wrong.

During Lala’s Amazon Live, she addressed why Sandoval is out of the dog house, but Rachel will remain in there forever. “I wasn’t upset that Raquel blocked Sandoval. Block him, I don’t care. My whole thing was, you’ve made it known that you want to remove yourself from this world. And then you post it on social media to 600 plus thousand people,” Lala began.

Now I’m putting myself at risk of defending Rach – but she didn’t ask Sandoval to comment on her Instagram post. Secondly, Rachel had allegedly been very clear that she wanted no contact from the VPR cast, including Tom.

Why Lala is annoyed

So Rachel returns to Insta and Tommy Boy immediately jumps into her comments and makes himself known. But go ahead and be mad at Rachel when hundreds of people then begin to encourage her to put up the block. She does and shares the info with the folks who were inciting her to take the plunge. Naturally, this irritated Lala. “That’s where I got annoyed,” she added.

She continued, “You want to remove yourself, remove yourself. Or just be open and be like, ‘I want to remove myself, but I still kind of like attention so I blocked him.’” Sure, Jan, that’s really not what happened at all. Rachel did remove herself and she wasn’t asking for attention from Sandoval when she made a video about barns and flowers. Lala might have some things to unpack when it comes to unresolved feelings about James Kennedy’s former fiancée.

Up next, Lala is offended by Rachel’s continued use of lungs to breathe. Hopefully, everyone can relax and take some cleansing breaths before Rachel makes another post, it kind of seems like not everyone has moved on.