Physical Fights on Real Housewives That Had Us Shook

Jennifer Aydin, Teresa Giudice Real Housewives of New Jersey RHONJ
Greg Endries/Getty Images

Real Housewives viewers are often torn between wanting to see a squabble and watching a WWE wrestling match. It is not uncommon for women of the same franchise to have issues, and sometimes there are physical fights on Real Housewives. Personally, I’d watch wig-snatching all day (looking at you, Kim Zolciak). However, when it comes to the Jerry Springer stuff, I think it is a bit classless and downright scary.

Honestly, who has ever been so bad that they feel the best way to handle it is with a physical altercation? This isn’t the Bad Girls Club; it’s Bravo, for pity’s sake, and most of these women have husbands, children, and businesses. 

Monique vs. Candiace


I absolutely adored Monique Samuels on the Real Housewives of Potomac. Between her predator bird that went for Karen Huger, her home remedy oils, and banging house parties, she was a fun housewife! Sadly, she let Candiace Dillard Bassett get the best of her during Season 5 and the wine-tasting trip from hell. The two ladies started to taunt one another, with Candiace asking, “You gone drag me?” Monique responded, “Do you want me to?” before appearing to grab Candiace’s wig and dragging her across the table filled with partly drank wine goblets.

What happened next left the cast and crew in horror, as Monique held onto the singer’s hair and hit her. The tussle continued until Bravo producers were able to separate the two RHOP stars. But the altercation wasn’t over, and Candiace screamed, “Get the hood-rat-ass bitch out of here!” Only seeing red, Monique told producers that she was “baited” and Candiace had “asked for it.” She then took off running around the barn, trying to find Candiace again. 

Kenya vs. NeNe


NeNe Leakes lost her cool during the January 2020 episode that showed her trying to slap her arch-nemesis, Kenya Moore. The fight came only months after NeNe had her closet meltdown, where she ripped a cameraman’s t-shirt and allegedly tried to choke him.

After Kenya inserted herself into a conversation, NeNe moved towards her, saying, “Shut the f**k up, b***h.” Witty as ever, Kenya replied, mimicking the OG’s sentiments. NeNe grew angrier, yelling, “You shut the f**k up! You shut the f**k up! You got the wrong motherf***ing b***h.” Right before producers stepped in, NeNe was seen trying to swing at the mother of one. 

Teresa vs. Danielle vs. Ashlee


Who could ever forget the North Jersey Country Club fight on the Real Housewives of New Jersey? After Teresa Giudice tried to make peace (still up for debate), Danielle Staub stood her ground, telling the OG not to call her “honey.” In a blink of an eye, Teresa became enraged, yelling, “Is b***h better?” Word of advice: never tell Teresa her house is in foreclosure, or you will be chased around an event space like you’re at Churchill Downs. 

As Danielle ran for her life, she broke a heel, sobbed, and somehow mustered up the energy to grab her ex-con of a bodyguard. As the fight was taken outside, the unbeweavable (see the pun) happened as cameras caught Ashlee Holmes snagging Danielle’s extensions and ripped them from her head. Needless to say, there was no “love and light” that night. 

Jennifer vs. Danielle

Danielle Cabral, Jennifer Aydin
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News recently broke that Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin had been suspended from filming due to a physical altercation. Again, these women both have children and businesses they should be trying to protect, not fighting it out in the streets.

The tea being spilled is that Jen started the altercation by pushing the Long Island native, who then apparently threw a plastic cup at the plastic surgeon’s wife. Ugg, when will the women learn cups are a vessel for yummy drinks, not weapons? Insiders have claimed that Jen started bleeding, and now Bravo has put both women in time-out. 

According to Us Weekly, the fight was over a stolen hairdresser and a charity foundation—classy ladies, classy. Both women are said to be facing a lengthy suspension from filming, but the question has to be asked—why are any of the Real Housewives actively embracing violence instead of hashing it out with words? Something has to be in the wine, right? To paraphrase Elle Woods, happy women don’t go attacking other happy women, so what’s up?