Jackie Goldschneider’s Friendship With Teresa Giudice Is Shocking, Here’s Why

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Jackie Goldschneider joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 9. And this newbie wasn’t afraid to confront Teresa Giudice. Usually, most new cast members try to avoid having Teresa flip a table in their direction.

Fans have heard that during RHONJ Season 14, friendships and alliances have shifted. And the most shocking news is that Teresa and Jackie have forged a friendship. I certainly didn’t have that on my Jersey bingo card.

Jackie and Teresa’s Turbulent History

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From the jump, Teresa and Jackie butted heads. According to Life & Style, Teresa blamed Melissa Gorga for allowing her husband,  Joe Gorga, to become angry. Jackie sided with Melissa, stating that a woman wasn’t responsible for controlling her husband.

Jackie asked Teresa, “Do you really feel like your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?” As expected, Teresa didn’t take kindly to Jackie mentioning her husband, Joe Giudice, and his situation “at camp.”

During Season 11, Teresa spread a rumor that Evan Goldschneider, Jackie’s husband, was cheating on her at the gym. Jackie confronted Teresa and used an analogy. She compared the cheating gossip to hearing that Teresa’s teenage daughter, Gia Giudice, was using drugs in the bathroom.

First off, it was a terrible analogy. And secondly, analogies are never understood on this show. It never works.

Anyway, this feud fractured their relationship. And later that season, during another squabble with Teresa, Jackie mentioned that Teresa went to jail. Which no one ever says to Teresa.

Jackie Always Supported Melissa Gorga

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Teresa was always at odds with her sister-in-law, Melissa, and her brother, Joe. Margaret Josephs and Jackie always had Melissa’s back.

When Melissa and Joe decided not to attend Teresa’s royal wedding to Luis Ruelas, Jackie supported their decision. “I completely understand and support them not having attended the wedding,” Jackie told Page Six. “It was the right decision for them, for sure.”

Of course, Jackie’s friendship with and support for Melissa rubbed Teresa the wrong way.

Melissa Was Shady to Jackie

However, Melissa allegedly shaded Jackie in a video that quickly made the social media rounds. “Jackie wants to be invited to every single party,” Melissa reportedly said. Is that a crime?

Jackie responded to the video drama on Watch What Happens Live. “Well, I do want to be invited to everything. But I have yet to speak to her about it, so we’ll see how that goes,” Jackie remarked.

Jackie and Margaret Josephs Were Besties, Until Now

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Talk about shifting alliances. People reported that Margaret discussed a change in her friendship with Jackie during BravoCon 2023. “She informed me that we were not as close as we used to be. I think I took offense to that and things went a little south,” Margaret stated. “She has a nice case of amnesia.”

Melissa also weighed in on Jackie’s change of heart. “It’s confusing for me,” Melissa stated. Same, Melissa. “I don’t know how authentic she’s being about her new decisions in life.”

We still don’t know exactly what caused the rift between Margaret and Jackie. Jackie said it was “very surprising” where she stands with Margaret. “Sometimes friendships … they evolve,” Jackie said. “They come to an end.” That sounds final.

Now Jackie Is Team Teresa

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Jackie has moved from Margaret and Melissa and jumped over to Team Teresa. I feel like I’m writing about a Twilight Zone version of RHONJ.

But this is no fake friendship for the sake of the show. Jackie characterized her relationship with the OG as “new, growing, and mutually respectful…unexpected.” This duo certainly was unexpected.

“It was really organic,” Jackie explained. “It was like we were just talking at a party and then we were talking more, and then we started calling each other and then we hung out and started hugging. We like each other,” the writer added. “Yeah, it really grew organically.”

During Season 13 and the upcoming season, Jackie is a friend of the housewives. But, if she is buddies with Teresa, that could always change. Could a full-time spot be in Jackie’s future? After all, it is Teresa’s show.

Meanwhile, some fans were calling for Teresa’s firing. And others hoped that Melissa would be axed. Season 14 will be a transformational one for RHONJ. And Jackie and Teresa’s shocking new friendship will be a large part of that drama.