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Denise Richards Teases ‘Cuckoo’ Real Housewives of Beverly Hills THC Dinner Party

Denise F-ing Richards is finally returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week; by all accounts, producers were hoping for lightning to strike twice at the table. In Season 1 we had the now iconic Dinner Party from Hell – in Season 13 we’re getting the Weed Supper of Subterfuge and Trickery.

It’s supposed to be a drama-filled event, as Kyle Richards hosts a meal heavily loaded with THC. Now that Lisa Rinna has taken her pot-stirring spoon and peaced out, Denise is able to show her face again, along with Camille Grammer. According to Denise, the dinner was a whole “cuckoo” situation, and this is coming from a woman who has seen things. The Messenger has the scoop.

Crazed and Confused

The scene is set. Also, Mauricio Umansky is trying to contain his excitement over what will be his favorite filmed meal of the season. The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick is there and everyone is wondering if the pot will trigger Dorit Kemsley into calling Camille a c-word again.

Denise is sharing secrets on the beginning of a highly (pun intended) anticipated gathering on RHOBH. “Let me tell you, I was there last week and I’m coming back next episode,” she said. Basically, if Denise, who has no motivation to promote this show, says it’s weird, it must have really been outer limits.

“It was a little cuckoo episode,” she added. Apparently, the devil’s lettuce did a little number on our favorite ragamuffin. “I can’t do that sh– and people think I can because of my ex,” Denise explained.

Super Friends

“It’s really funny people’s perception of people. I’ve learned early on not to judge people. You never know,” she added. Is Denise high now? I’m not entirely sure I understand that sentence. Anyway, props to Denise for coming back after the way the cast treated her.

She didn’t comment on whether or not she’s happy she made an appearance, but she is thankful for the friendships that have come out of her time on Bravo. “I love Garcelle [Beauvais] and I love Sutton [Stracke]. She and I become [sic] so close. I love her. I’m only there for a bit. Some of the others, they can go take a hike.” I have a feeling I know who “the others” are in this scenario.

The Weed Supper of Subterfuge and Trickery will span over a couple of episodes, the first one airing tomorrow night.

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