Lisa Rinna
(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)

Ariana Madix Fans Slam Lisa Rinna for Chicago Role Shade: ‘Sit Down’

Lisa Rinna’s quest to stay relevant continues. Following her pink slip exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she has proven to be nothing short of desperate for attention.

Her latest ploy to maintain ultimate villain status involves her 16-year-old run as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical. Thanks to the announcement that It Girl Ariana Madix would take over the role of Roxie, Rinna took to social media to throw some unnecessary shade.

Instagram user Papi of Pop posted a picture featuring Rinna, NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Erika Jayne, and finally, Ariana. The post noted that the Vanderpump Rules star is the fifth Bravolebrity to play a role in the iconic musical.

“Icons only”

Papi of Pop captioned the post “Icons only” and stated that being in Chicago is a Bravo “rite of passage.”

Rinna butt in and wrote, “I did it Before Bravo. And before [Real Housewives] — 2007 baby.” Comments by Bravo grabbed Rinna’s comment and shared it with their 220k followers. Naturally, Ariana fans jumped to her defense and quickly swatted down Rinna’s shade.

One user sniped, “Does she want a cookie?” Another added, “Rinna, no one cares.” Yet another account mused, “Rinna missing the point entirely.” A sentiment that was echoed by a fan who responded, “It’s what she does best.”

The comments piled up as a fan stated, “Just like when Erika got that part and Rinna brought it up about 10,000 times per episode. We know… got it.” Now that’s a fair point. Erika’s ill-fated run as Roxie provided Rinna with the opportunity to bring it up over and over again.

The most succinct comment on the matter was a user who advised Rinna to “sit down.”

Was it really shade?

Despite all the backlash, Rinna did find at least one supporter. “We can say what we want about Rinna. But at least give her that credit. She truly did it without Bravo and can prob do it again without them.”

Well, I hate to say this but in fairness, Rinna was simply pointing out that her role came before her time on Real Housewives, which is a fact. So in reality, she was simply correcting the assertion.

That said, it could be argued that her comment is genuine shade since Papi of Pop was simply sharing a list of those who have been on Bravo AND starred in the musical. Both perspectives can be true.

Either way, that didn’t stop a lone Ariana hater who griped, “I don’t care. Ariana has beaten that dead horse to the ground and I am tired of seeing her face now.”