Who Leaked Kyle and Mauricio’s Separation?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 finale captured the reaction to Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky‘s separation. Back in July, the news broke thanks to a People Magazine article. This was after speculation about Kyle’s relationship with Morgan Wade first began.

In the finale, Kyle insisted she was blindsided by the People story. She revealed that the article came out before she could tell their kids. As her castmates reacted to the news, a major question was, who leaked the story to People? Multiple theories are floating around by the RHOBH cast, the show’s viewers, and Kyle herself. Let’s take a look at the potential culprits named so far.

Sutton Stracke

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Appearing on Watch What Happen Live after the finale, Kyle shared her theories of who leaked the story. Considering their feud all season long, it wasn’t shocking that Kyle pointed fingers at Sutton Stracke. Kyle also defended her After Show comments about Sutton’s mentor, Merce Cunningham. According to Kyle, it was fair game after the southern belle came for her all season.

Previously, Sutton gossiped about Dorit Kemsley‘s marriage. In the Season 13 premiere, she repeated a rumor that Dorit’s husband Paul “PK” Kemsley was with another woman when he got a DUI. Throughout the season, she speculated on both Dorit and Kyle’s relationships.

Sutton and her bestie, Garcelle Beauvais, questioned Kyle’s marriage at Season 13’s dinner party from hell. Once the People article was out, Sutton and Garcelle talked about how Kyle was hiding something from the group all season.

Dorit Kemsley

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On WWHL, Kyle also theorized Dorit could be behind the People article. In the finale, Dorit acted like she had no idea Kyle and Mo had any problems. But could that be an act? After all, Kyle admitted she once pretended to have no idea of Dorit and PK’s marriage woes.

Could it be that Dorit planted the story to take heat off of her marriage? Because, after the finale, viewers have a lot of questions about why PK needed to spend 39 days in the UK for “work.” Throughout Season 13, Dorit was obviously jealous of Kyle’s closeness with Morgan. Could that also be a motivation to leak the separation news?

The finale revealed that, before filming the reunion, Kyle and Dorit hadn’t spoken since December. That was around the time Kyle accused Dorit of exaggerating their friendship. If Dorit was to leak a damaging story about Kyle, it seems more likely that she’d do so in December, instead of in July.

Regardless, Kyle is clearly worried about what beans Dorit might spill. In the reunion trailer, Dorit revealed that Kyle sent a text attempting to “silence” her.

Morgan Wade


One fan favorite theory was brought up by Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s husband Rob Minkoff. Viewers couldn’t get enough of “Hip Hop Rob” gossiping with Crystal that Morgan Wade could be the source. The hilariously messy moment capped off Crystal’s best season yet. We have to admit, Rob in “crazy director mode” has the juiciest theory. Obviously, the director of The Lion King can create a compelling story. But is there truth to it?

The People story undeniably put a bigger and brighter spotlight on Morgan. Kyle insists the country singer doesn’t like publicity, and regrets her appearance on the show. However, that doesn’t align with the music video, the endless paparazzi shots, or the apparent PDA at WWHL. Not to mention, the recent rumors Kyle and Morgan will confirm their romance with a magazine cover shoot.


Mauricio Umansky sitting outside in a grey t-shirt with a serious look on his face in Buying Beverly Hills Season 2
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In the finale, Kyle said that Mo was primarily concerned with figuring out who leaked their separation. And, while it could just be editing, Mauricio seemed wholly uninterested in his marriage throughout Season 13. However, could that be an act to cover his own tracks? Kyle admitted that she was surprised to see him discussing the separation in the Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 trailer.

While dancing around specifics, Kyle said something happened that broke her trust. Fans speculated this referred to rumors of Mauricio’s infidelity. If Mo anticipated being named the bad guy for allegedly cheating, would he leak the separation to get ahead of the narrative?



In the finale, viewers agreed with Annemarie Wiley for the first time. Annemarie’s reaction to the news was to wonder if Kyle leaked it herself to get ahead of the story. Sutton and Dorit shared that theory in the After Show. Dorit even said, “I think that Mo thinks it was someone in Kyle’s camp.”

On the After Show, Kyle claimed she was blindsided by the story while the family was together in Aspen. Kyle essentially said the article forced her and Mo to admit it was really over. Could she have leaked it Pointing fingers at others also makes it easier for Kyle to play the victim, which longtime RHOBH viewers know she loves to do.

Also on the After Show, Sutton brought up a theory that Kyle and Mauricio both leaked the story. Either way, she maintained the source was “in camp.” After thirty years together and public images to maintain, did Kyle and Mo leak the story together in their last joint move as a married couple?

Ultimately, fans may never know who really leaked Kyle and Mauricio’s separation. If it was the former couple in question, they’ll surely never admit it. In the meantime, we’re sure the speculation will continue.