RHOBH Season 13 Winners and Losers

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filled with drama this season. Much of the conflict was lighter than last season’s dark storylines, but there were still some interesting moments. However, not every housewife earned their diamond this season. Some of the RHOBH ladies gave us expert shade and plenty of tears. Others gave us unsolicited medical advice and some crumbs explaining their marital separation. Let’s see who the RHOBH Season 13 winners and losers were.

Winner – Crystal Kung Minkoff

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Crystal Kung Minkoff joined the show during Season 11. Overall, she was pretty quiet. But she finally arrived during RHOBH Season 13! Crystal found her voice this season, and she used it.

Newbie Annemarie Wiley stated that Sutton Stracke could have an eating disorder. Then she immediately lied and denied saying it. Instead, she accused Crystal of mentioning that Sutton had an issue with food.

Well, don’t come for Crystal. At the Homeless Not Toothless Gala, Crystal loudly called Annemarie a “bit*h.” In Barcelona, Annemarie and Crystal argued again when Annemarie alleged that Crystal told her that her co-stars were uneducated and “shallow.” Screaming Crystal was back, and she denied Annemarie’s claims.

I love this direct yet shady Crystal. This is the version of Crystal that I want on RHOBH.

Loser – Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle / Instagram

It pains me to type these words, but Garcelle Beauvais didn’t bring it this season. Her storyline about parenting her twin teenage sons was snooze-worthy. She did help her bestie, Sutton, bring up questions about Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage at the infamous weed dinner.

Meanwhile, at a different party, Dorit Kemsley claimed that Garcelle verbally “attacked” her. Garcelle had an awkward sit down with Dorit afterward. She explained that using the word “attack” was triggering for her. While this was certainly an important conversation, it wasn’t enough to claim a diamond.

Loser – Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley / Instagram

Dorit hasn’t had an interesting storyline for years. Designing a room at Buca di Beppo in 2020 didn’t exactly thrill me.

During RHOBH Season 13, Dorit convinced her husband, PK Kemsley, to join her for a therapy session. The armed home invasion left Dorit with PTSD, but her husband wasn’t always sensitive to her needs. Shocking, I know. Near the end of the season, Dorit decided that she just expected too much from her husband. Oh, please. PK’s selfish behavior was maddening.

The rest of Dorit’s time was spent stirring as many pots as she could reach and complaining that Kyle had replaced her with singer Morgan Wade.

Finally, Dorit and Garcelle met to discuss Dorit’s microaggressions. While trying to own her behavior, Dorit once again proved that she wasn’t absorbing any information. I have a feeling that Dorit and her fabulous fashion might not be gracing the next season of RHOBH.

Winner – Erika Jayne

The Pretty Mess / Instagram

Listing Erika Jayne as a winner may be a bit controversial, but hear me out. After she took a vow not to fight with the ladies during Lent, she started the season as a Zen, chill Erika. She didn’t lose it when Sutton melted down at Magic Mike Live. During Kyle’s tension-filled weed dinner, Erika refused to argue with confused ragamuffin Denise Richards. It was…miraculous?

But never fear, the old Erika was back and dragged Denise during the cursed Taco Tuesday event. Erika brought up both Denise and her daughter, Sami Sheen, being on OnlyFans. It was a nasty, explosive confrontation.

Still, Erika seemed happier and lighter than she had in years. However, once she started discussing winning the appeal for the earrings that her estranged husband Tom Girardi gifted her, it was hard to side with her. Erika expected a round of applause for being right about winning that appeal.

And she finally told her co-stars she was hurt because no one apologized for treating her poorly for the last couple of years. Crystal apologized to Erika, as did Sutton. It was finally some closure for Erika. Viewers had the chance to see a softer, more light-hearted Erika this season. It was a nice change of pace.

Loser – Annemarie Wiley

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Newbie Annemarie wasn’t a fan favorite. She was trying way too hard, and it showed. Annemarie, who is a nurse anesthetist, spent a ton of time during RHOBH Season 13 obsessing over Sutton’s narrow esophagus. According to Page Six, the American Society of Anesthesiologists called out Annemarie for allegedly exaggerating her qualifications.

Meanwhile, Annemarie came for Crystal in Barcelona. “I want a thank you for giving you something to talk about and making your ass relevant,” Annemarie told Crystal. Then Crystal hit back, marking another misfire from Annemarie.

If she had been a bit less interested in Sutton’s esophagus, Annemarie might have fared much better. But she came in too hot and didn’t score many points with viewers.

Loser – Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards / Instagram

After news broke of Kyle and Mauricio’s separation, Bravo brought the cameras back up. Fans expected to find out why the longtime couple split. So far, we have seen some extremely awkward and cringey scenes between the couple.

Kyle is clearly on a path of self-discovery. She was getting tattoos, hanging out with Morgan, and became sober. She works out and enjoys feeling healthy. While Mauricio is focused on expanding The Agency. Kyle has voiced her concerns that her marriage might not last if Mauricio doesn’t start prioritizing their marriage.

Kyle recently gave Extra an update on their marriage. “We’re very good friends. We live in the same house, we are family—we’re doing good, considering,” she stated. “To be getting along like this, having dinner… together, but not together.” Say what now?

So far, Kyle has pushed the narrative that Sutton had a drinking problem and possibly an eating disorder. She slapped back at Garcelle and Sutton inquiring about her marriage at her THC-infused dinner. Anything to distract from her marital problems.

Plus, Kyle hasn’t had a strong storyline for years unless it involved one of her sisters. So, fans felt a bit let down that she wasn’t sharing more about her separation on the show. It seemed like it was going to be the focal point of the season. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will shed some light on the couple’s separation.

Winner – Sutton Stracke

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Sutton was in it to win it during RHOBH Season 13. When Kyle accused her of losing it in several situations, Sutton said to “name ’em.” Iconic and annoying at the same time.

In Barcelona, she dealt with letting go of the ashes of her friend, famed choreographer, and dancer Merce Cunningham. At the same time, Sutton dealt with suppressed emotions about her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, moving to London. She was also in her feelings about the death of her father years earlier. Seeing such a vulnerable and emotional Sutton was a welcome change. It was a pivotal moment when she accepted that she was completely independent.

RHOBH viewers also saw a fun and quirky side to Sutton. During a card game, she licked Kyle’s foot. (Eww!) And she hired a matchmaker and made it to a second date!

This season, more than any other, showed why Sutton was one of the RHOBH Season 13 winners. And she deserves to hold her diamond.