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Former Real Housewives of Orange County Star Kelly Dodd Slammed For Calling Heather Dubrow “A Man”

Well, she’s at it again, folks! Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is once again proving why she no longer has a place in the franchise. The fired RHOC star has been in a perpetual feud with Heather Dubrow for years. But, recently, she took the feud to a new low with a transphobic insult on her Instagram Stories. Page Six covered all the details and the subsequent backlash from fans.

News of Kelly spitting venom toward Heather shouldn’t surprise RHOC fans. It’s her hobby at this point. Kelly blames Heather for getting her fired from the show, and there’s no coming back from that. The latest attack against Heather came via Kelly’s Instagram Stories, where she randomly took a shot at Heather and her children.

On her Instagram Story, Kelly shared a side-by-side photo of Heather next to TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. Dylan is a social media personality who documents her gender transition on TikTok. Seemingly taking a stab at Heather’s LGBTQ-identifying children, Kelly wrote, “I realized why HD [sic] kids are confused? Because HD is a man baby.” She continued, “Look at [their mom’s] Adams apple.”

Of course, we expect Real Housewives to feud, but it’s beyond gross when you involve the kids and start dipping into hateful, transphobic rhetoric. The kids are off limits — everyone knows that! It’s one of the golden rules of Housewives!

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Despite the negativity aimed at her family, Heather has always proudly championed her kids. When her eldest daughter came out as a lesbian, Heather publicly supported her. Now that her youngest child has come out as transgender, she’s supporting him, too. That’s what parents should do, but Kelly seems to have a problem with that for some reason.

Within moments of Kelly’s post going live, RHOC fans quickly condemned the blatant transphobia. One fan tweeted, “Kelly Dodd is an idiotic, disgusting human being. Anyone who associates with her should be ashamed.”

Some fans have called for Andy Cohen and other Housewives stars to defend Heather. Previously, Andy has expressed that he doesn’t find Kelly “problematic,” so we probably won’t hear from him on this one. However, this isn’t the first time Kelly has been called out for transphobic posts on social media. She’s also been dragged for mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. And during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, she was constantly on the “wrong side of history.” This latest attack against Heather is another example of her problematic ways and a solid reminder of why RHOC is better without her.


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