Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 3 Recap: Kathy Wants to ‘Go After’ Sutton

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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Welcome back. Let’s dive right into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion, Part 3 recap. Last week, Kyle and Sutton faced off, with Kyle accusing Sutton of going after her all season. Here’s everything that you need to know about the RHOBH Season 13 Reunion, Part 3.

Kyle and Sutton’s friendship status

After Sutton called out Kyle for being mean to her all season, Kyle responded that Sutton “grilled” her about her marriage at the weed dinner. Host Andy Cohen asked where the duo goes from here.

Kyle said she thinks that they can repair their friendship, and Sutton agreed. Then Sutton and Kyle hugged it out. Meanwhile, Erika and Dorit exchanged amused looks from the couch.

Welcome back, Kathy Hilton!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 3
Photo by: Griffin Nagel/Bravo

Turn on your box fans because Kathy Hilton is in the house! “Welcome back to the last place we thought we would see you again,” Andy said as the ladies laughed.

Kathy was happy to be there to support her sister. Although, Kathy doesn’t watch the show. She watches “the clips.” Kathy does enjoy Watch What Happens Live, though. Mostly because it goes by in a flash.

Sutton’s medical emergency

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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Suddenly, Sutton leaned over to the side and started shaking all over. Annemarie jumped into action and tried to get Sutton to lie down or sit down. Garcelle told the medic that Sutton was complaining of being hot.

Kathy announced it was a hot flash. “Sutton, you’re 49 years old. It’s bound to happen.” The rest of Sutton’s co-stars were worried. Sutton’s blood pressure and pulse were high. Annemarie wanted to call 911, but the medic said that they had someone who could take her to urgent care or a hospital.

Garcelle walked Sutton off-stage. They went to Sutton’s dressing room, where she asked for some food. When the medic re-checked her, she was sleepy, nauseous, and still shaking. She was taken to the hospital to be checked out, and Garcelle went with her. I love that Sutton bestie’s showed what true friendship looks like.

Back on the stage, Kathy noted Sutton was lucky, because she wanted to “go after her next.” That would have been must-see television.

Andy gathered Sutton and Garcelle’s phones, and some of Merce Cunnigham’s ashes were there, too. Erika quipped, “He’s in the purse again?” Crystal shared that Sutton kept some of her mentor’s ashes. At least Andy felt “honored” that Merce graced the reunion. The host stated that they were all praying for Sutton.

The family feud between the Hiltons and Umanskys

Andy asked Kathy if, when she left the reunion last year, she thought her relationship with Kyle was over. Kathy said that as sisters, they’ve only had three big fights like that in their lives.

Andy read a question about how Mauricio starting The Agency caused drama between the Hiltons and Umanskys. According to Kathy, Mauricio called on a Thursday to tell her husband, Rick Hilton, that he was leaving the company the next day.

Rick asked him not to steal any agents or staff members. Kathy said that he poached “a few.” And that is what created the divide between Kathy and Kyle. Kyle shut down that avenue of discussion, saying that she didn’t want to discuss business.

So, Andy asked what brought Kyle and Kathy back together. Kyle saw Kathy and her daughters at Kim Richards’ daughter’s bridal shower. The next day, Kathy was at the hairdresser and she heard Kyle exclaim, “Oh my God, that’s my sister, Kathy!” Kathy started to cry recalling the moment, and Kyle hugged her.

Kyle’s marital problems

Andy asked Kyle when she and Mauricio started having problems. Kyle said that people become busy with work and raising kids, and some issues kept resurfacing that weren’t dealt with. “Something, like I said in my interview, happened where I did lose my trust.”

Andy wondered if it was something that Mauricio did. Kyle didn’t answer. Instead, she explained how hard she fought for her family. She said that she reached “a breaking point” where she could no longer handle certain issues in her marriage. While Kyle thought that their union would rebound, she confirmed, “It didn’t.”

Did Mauricio cheat on Kyle?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion, Part 3
Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Andy said that there had been rumors about cheating in the couple’s marriage since the show began. He even brought up the tabloid story about Mauricio cheating from 2013. One of Kyle’s co-stars at the time packed those tabloids for a cast trip. Cue the montage of Kyle asking Lisa Vanderpump if she told Brandi Glanville to pack the tabloids.

Kyle explained, “And he would say to me, ‘We can’t care. We know the truth.’” Kyle heard the whispers all the time and started to wonder if her husband could be cheating.

“The damage is done no matter what,” Erika chimed in. Andy asked, “Did those rumors over the years cause you to chip away at your trust for him?”

Kyle replied, “Yes. And they made me feel insecure.” She even shared that if her marriage had been fine, she would not have signed off on Mauricio shaking his groove thing on Dancing with the Stars. Kathy asked if Kyle would be jealous, and she said that she would.

Then Andy brought up a question about Mauricio’s “suggestive dance” with partner Emma Slater. He dedicated it to Kyle. That dance was … something. And Mauricio dedicating it to his wife was creepy. It wasn’t a waltz, people! Kyle finally weighed in. “It was very hard for me to watch.” SAME!

She also wasn’t fond of the photos of Mauricio and Emma holding hands. But Kyle confirmed that she and Mauricio are allowed to do whatever they want.

Is the couple headed for a divorce?

Kyle shared that there have been conversations about Mauricio moving out. As for her daughters, Kyle was proud of how “strong and supportive” they are. Kathy again floated her idea that there had been trouble in Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage for the last three years. But Kyle shot down that timeline.

Then a fan asked why Kyle wouldn’t dish the actual reason for her split. “Because it’s nobody’s f*cking business,” she snapped.

Andy asked if they had discussed divorce, and Kyle explained that he was looking for a place to live. Andy asked Kathy if she hoped that they would reconcile. “I only want what she wants,” Kathy said. “I support you. And your happiness is the most important thing.”

What is going on between Kyle and Morgan?

Kyle explained that Morgan Wade never watched RHOBH and didn’t like the level of attention that she received from it. Andy asked the cast if they thought that Morgan and Kyle were a couple. Talk about looking like a deer in the headlights!

Crystal finally admitted that she thought so. And Andy asked Dorit for her opinion. Dorit said that in their Instagram photos they “looked like girlfriends.”

A viewer questioned if Morgan was friends with Kyle because she wanted “the clout.” Kyle angrily refuted that notion, reminding everyone that Morgan is “a critically-acclaimed musician.”

Crystal asked about the timeline of Kyle filming the music video with Morgan. Kyle said they shot it about a month before the news hit about her separation. The point of the video was to poke fun at all the drama about their friendship. But Kyle, who had never kissed a woman before, was curious.

Finally, Andy asked, “Is there anything going on with Morgan?” Kyle responded, “In that way?”

After Andy confirmed his question, the room became awkward in a flash. “Umm … no,” Kyle replied.

Could Kyle see herself making a love connection with Morgan?

But Andy was determined to get the tea on this one. Kyle denied, again, that she and Morgan were a couple. “Do you have feelings for her?” Andy asked.

Kyle was becoming increasingly annoyed. “I mean, I love her. And she’s my friend, and I love her,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kathy thinks that Morgan, “is funny” and “very bright, humble, refreshing.” Andy asked Kyle, “Could you see yourself with Morgan?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” she responded. Kyle continued, “I don’t know. By the way, I mean … I don’t know. I don’t know.” Kyle looked anxious. It seems like she might not be telling the truth. She added that she is “evolving” and doesn’t know what her future looks like.

“Well, maybe next year she’ll be out here on the couch with us. Who knows?” Andy said. “You never know,” Kyle replied.

In an update at the end, Sutton was recuperating at home after her ER visit. And Kyle flew to Nashville two weeks after the reunion filmed to see Morgan in concert.

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