Why Tom Sandoval Should Leave Vanderpump Rules

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Tom Sandoval has starred on Vanderpump Rules since Season 1. Over the years, we’ve watched Tom’s likeability rise and fall throughout his various storylines that aired. However, following his affair with Rachel Leviss in Season 10, he hit an all-time low with the viewers. Seriously, his Scandoval fallout on Bravo was massive.

Wildly, Tom still returned for Season 11. So far, it’s not working out for him. At this point, Tom should start considering his next steps. As for us, we think that now would be a great time for Tom to fold, leaving VPR in the custom rearview mirrors of his Tom Tom motorcycle, for good.

Tom’s VPR Relationships Have Mostly Been Destroyed


Prior to his affair, Tom’s presence on this series made sense. He was friends with the majority of this cast, so he always had someone to film with. In addition, he was dating and living with Ariana Madix, and due to this, the filming of large events took place at their house fairly often. Genuinely, their long-standing relationship pretty much cemented them as the most stable couple left on this series.

Looking back on Tom’s friendships pre-affair, his bestie Schwartz was always nearby. Likewise, he was also close to James Kennedy and Scheana Shay. Once his affair was unearthed though, James and Scheana stepped away, as Tom’s actions had affected them in various ways. Cover-ups, deception, and restraining orders will end friendships with a quickness.

That said, it took awhile for Schwartz’s frustrations with Tom to emerge. Finally, post his buddy’s affair, Schwartz’s lips are loosening. So far on Season 11, we’ve watched him tell James that he did in fact hate the name of his bar shared with Tom. Because when you put your name up on a building, “you have to hold yourself accountable, to a higher standard,” which he knew would be pretty hard for either of them to do.

Schwartz was right. Their bar took a beating, as the viewers were looking to take a jab at Tom. In other scenes, Schwartz is similarly finding his brave-boy footing at long last. When he told Tom that he was going to start doing what was best for himself, not for Tom, we cheered, because FINALLY.

Now, Schwartz is all that remains for Tom, but even this relationship is growing rocky. Therefore, Tom should just go, because his friendships on this cast are all DOA, making his future scenes pretty hard to navigate.

The Fans Are Over His Narratives


At BravoCon, various fans and panelists put Tom in the hot seat. To each question asked, he faltered a bit, not seemingly knowing what to say. When one asked him if he regretted anything, and if he’d do anything differently, Tom gave a fairly blanket answer of “Of course I would have done things differently, but I can’t really look towards the past,” he began, as the crowds started booing.

Finally, Lisa Vanderpump came to his rescue explaining to him that “isn’t the answer to that question…when somebody asks you what you would have done differently…all of it?” This is the very issue that the majority of the viewers are currently facing, as when pressed, Tom starts to deflect, redirect the blame, and utter word salad types of responses. The viewers are over it, and unless Tom changes his ways, his path forward with his audiences will remain blocked. Yet, if he left now, his face wouldn’t be fresh in their minds, and they’d all move past his ways, just as many did with Jax Taylor.

Tom’s Storylines Are Drying Up


This season, Tom took to the After Show, explaining his banning from his own bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s. While Schwartz said this only lasted for a “few months,” Tom argued, stressing that it was “longer than that.” He then said ,“I would try to go by there and I would try to bring people by there, and our business partner would be like, ‘Well I’m gonna walk out if you come.”

So, Tom’s business partner wants him gone. He also has only 0.5 friends on this cast. Therefore, what else is left for Tom to film? Besides maybe a new love life. But on this, new cast members, especially when they’re tied to someone on the outs, never tend to fair well.

Tom’s storylines are drying up. Now is the perfect time for him to step away, creating real-life narratives with people outside of VPR.

Tom’s Mental Health Matters


Mental health matters. Depression and anxiety are no joke. Therefore, when your back is up against a wall, it’s important to take a step away from the things that block the light. As we all saw in Season 11, Tom is now in this position, as he is in a “very dark place.”

As Lisa’s brother died by suicide, she’s taking Tom’s words as truth. For her, it’s better to be wrong and to be made a fool of then to ignore Tom’s mental health claims. In doing the latter, she’d chance the possibility of loosing Tom to the darkness, were his claims indeed real.

As for his cast members, they aren’t buying it. They think that this is just another chance for Tom to deflect and dodge accountability. “He’s diving into this villain energy, and I’m not here for it,” Scheana responded.

Tom, if you are reading this, NO scandal will ever be worth you leaving this messy, albeit beautiful world behind. If you are struggling, please step away from this environment. And by step away, we mean fully run in the opposite direction, with no more VPR podcasts or statements made. Let’s all move forward, eh?