Is There A Real Housewives Marriage Curse?

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky
Photo by Rich Fury/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Bravo viewers have long heard of the Real Housewives curse, with several couples calling it quits over the years. But is there anything such thing as an actual curse? Indiana Jones would say yes. Can happy homes be destroyed by fame, cameras, and judgment? The easy answer is yes. But it could also be that some of the Bravolebrities are just in empty or dysfunctional marriages. There have been countless divorces that have played out on screen, but I wonder what caused each married couple to throw in their rings. 

The Big Three


I truly believe there are three main reasons Bravo couples find the curse upon them, and they are, in no particular order;

  1. Time is Taken Away
  2. The Housewife No Longer Needs Their Partner’s Money
  3. One Ego Becomes Too Big

Now, there is no denying we have seen all these examples over the years. Time is such a precious commodity, and when you start to add in kids, work, travel, and other responsibilities, time with your partner seems to go by way of the Dodo. The first hint of distance should be a red flag for any couple filming the series. Secondly, many of the Real Housewives depended on their husbands for money. But after a few seasons under their belt, they realized they liked earning their own Bravo paycheck. I can’t say I blame them, honestly. 

Lastly, keeping your ego in check is a huge thing, and many of the Real Housewives fail to do so. There have been numerous housewives like Teresa Giudice or Vicki Gunvalson who have let their sense of self-importance explode, failing to keep it under control. The women’s sense of self-identity gets morphed thanks to the show, and the relationships never recover. 

Kyle and Mauricio

Mauricio Richards/Instagram

There is no denying that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have taken a beating when it comes to their 27-year marriage. Between constantly shifting work schedules and traveling, they never stood a chance. Kyle also seems to be extremely let down by her spouse after he failed to comfort her after her close friend passed away. Even though the new season has shown the duo in therapy, I think it was too little too late

Drew and Ralph

Drew Sidora/Instagram

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman were a rough union to support, mainly due to his constant gaslighting. But they were the perfect example of an ego getting out of control. This time, however, it was the husband who seemed to become too big for his britches. The two seasons showed that they were never on the same page, with Ralph not fully supporting Drew’s career aspirations. For once I think the curse did a couple a favor. With or without the show, I believe they wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Also, the cringe singing during the reunion would have given any husband the ick! 

Ashley and Michael

Ashely Darby/Instagram

Ashley Darby and Michael Darby had a classic May/December relationship. They were 29 years apart, and while she always claimed to have loved the Australian native, I think it was also clear she picked a dude with deep pockets. Michael also had a wandering eye, as he was often caught bringing women to hotel rooms and enjoying the occasional strip club. Ashley found a steady paycheck with the show and eventually got Michael to help buy her a home. But in the end, she knew she could do better with the couple separating in 2022. 

Erika and Tom

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Needless to say, Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi seemed to be another one of those couples that just had an arrangement. However, the Bravo cameras seemed to put too much limelight on them, causing their relationship to become quite the pressure cooker. For this marriage, it felt like two empty, dysfunctional people seeking fame. Not good for any relationship.

I think sometimes coming onto the show can put the couples in a place where you can see how well put together your marriage is or isn’t. And sadly, all the above failed miserably.