RHOBH Season 13 Reunion’s Snarkiest Moments

Photo Credit: Bravo

Goodness, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 was something. While I’ll be the first to admit there were multiple boring storylines, I’m looking at you, Dorit Kemsley; there were also a few triumphant moments that stood out in fans’ minds. I’d argue that most of these women who make up the successful cast are diamonds in the rough, and while, yes, some of the ladies refusing to tell their truths is exhausting, more often than not, the Season 13 reunion made sure to make up for the snooze-worthy season performance and turned out to be a real gem. Let’s take a look. 

Dorit’s outfit

There is nothing good about Dorit’s exceptionally unique reunion look. The mother of two looked like a mix between Queen Amidala and Little Red Riding Hood, except this time, I was hoping the wolf would put us all out of our misery and eat her. Was Dorit culturally insensitive with her outfit choice? The other women were also less than impressed by the self-proclaimed fashionista.

Andy Cohen, who I think is not a fan of Dorit, noted, “Oh, my God, I’m so glad I got here at 8:15 while we wait for Dorit’s dress to be sewed.” When Doirt finally made her grand entrance, the king of Bravo quipped, “Oh, my God. Hey, hood.” Garcelle Beauvais didn’t hold back as she muttered under her breath,  “Oh, Mother Teresa.” 

Garcelle vs. Dorit

The lack of love between Dorit and Garcelle didn’t go unnoticed. The two have not communicated well throughout the season, and it all came to a head when, during an argument, Dorit called the Coming to America actress “aggressive.” Garcelle had enough of Dorit’s “White privilege” and called her a “Karen.” After yet another chat, Dorit still didn’t come across as understanding or apologetic, so understandably, the two had to hash it out at the Season 13 reunion.

The exchange of words became a bit heated as Dorit asked, “Tell me this: do you like me?” Clearly prepared for her co-star to lie, Dorit looked surprised when Garcelle answered honestly, “Sometimes.” As everyone let out a sigh, Andy asked, “Where do you go from here?” Erika Jayne jokingly replied, “To a break because I need one.” The conversation was over, and Erika had the final say. 

LVP cameo…kinda

Lisa Vanderpump hasn’t been on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for ages. Well, at least since after Season 9, when Kyle Richards turned against her and called her out for being the villain. However, her lack of appearance hasn’t stopped LVP from inserting herself into the 90210 drama. During a commercial break, Kyle rallied the troops, telling the group, “Guys, listen to what Vanderpump did. She met Crystal, and she said, ‘Who are you?’ Crystal had to say she’s on the show. She said, ‘Is Kyle still on?’ … That is really funny.” Without missing a beat, Andy jumped out of his chair, wearing one hell of a smile, and said, “No!” 

Sutton is strutting her stuff

Who could forget that during the Season 13 premiere how Sutton Stracke made a wild claim that she had heard that PK Kemsley was spotted with another woman besides Dorit in his car? When prodded about her sources, the former dancer only said, “The streets told me.” Seems quite odd that Sutton would be walking the streets as Erika questioned, “What streets are talking? What streets are you running?”

Teresa gets a shout-out

During the RHOBH Season 13, Kyle made a pretty bad joke about not reading any of the documents that her husband, Mauricio Umansky, ever put in front of her. During a pretty open conversation, Kyle revealed, “Sometimes I just sign it. He pays all the bills. He pays the taxes, he pays the bills, he pays my taxes, and I sign stuff and hope for the best.” The statement didn’t sit well with anyone, and Andy brought it back up during the reunion, asking, “Do you know my friend Teresa Giudice?” As most of us know, Teresa did not end up signing a prenup with her now husband, Louis Ruelas, and now the two might be in trouble. 

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