How Katie Maloney Has Proven She’s Not ‘Miserable’ on Pump Rules

Katie Maloney
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Fans of Vanderpump Rules have watched Katie Maloney for the last ten years. As an OG of the series, Katie has had a few rough years, mainly thanks to her “f*ck boy” ex-husband, Tom Schwartz. Their dating and marriage took a toll on her free spirit, and after one too many times of being shut down and cheated on, Katie decided to do the best thing for herself; she set herself free. 

Katie is thriving

One way to prove you are not miserable is not looking back as you barrel on forward. Katie is doing this over and over again, especially with Tom. For years, it felt like Tom was always trying to humiliate Kate, but she is no longer taking that kind of treatment. After being gaslit for so long, Katie finally took back her narrative. Hell, she told her ex-husband he looks like a “couch.” That is some funny stuff. 

Katie is also giving Tom a taste of his own medicine by sleeping with his close friend, Max Boyens. Whether it was a “revenge bang” or not, Katie has every right as a single woman to sleep with whoever she wants. There is nothing more powerful than a single woman with a new haircut. I love seeing Katie in her happy era because she deserves it. 

Katie has a new outlook

The former SUR Server once wore her hair long and lighter, representing the best the mid-2000s had to offer. However, Season 11 shows Katie taking more considerable risks and embracing her Emo vibes. Katie now wears a red lip with short hair slicked back. If I’m being honest, she kind of looks like a mob boss. Not everyone can pull off a baseball jersey with a sparkly skirt. 

The elder millennial in me has started appreciating people’s sense of self. Too many of us worry about impressing others. But Katie’s ‘I don’t give a f*ck” attitude is refreshing, and I’m all about that. Style is such a subjective thing but Katie is making sure to excuse her creative side through her fashion choices.

Katie found her voice

Tequila Katie was loud, in your face, and obnoxious. No one likes to listen to a young adult who is angry and can’t hold their alcohol. However, Season 11 shows just how comfortable Katie is now with the sound of her voice. In my opinion, the Utah native is anything but miserable. But sometimes, people don’t enjoy being told the truth, and that is exactly what Katie is doing. For example, Katie is trying her best to keep her friendship with Lala Kent. But she isn’t about to be walked over by the soon-to-be mother of two. 

Katie has become much more self-aware as she apologizes to Lala about her part in their argument. But during a confessional, Lala states, “I’m trying to get soft and heal from trauma because I don’t want to end up a miserable, bitter bitch, and she’s happy on her warpath.” Personally, I disagree with this sentiment, as Katie is just finally standing up for herself. If anything, Katie has proven she isn’t miserable by moving on from relationships that aren’t working for her. She is finding her own peace. 

Katie is over drama

Even though Katie is surrounded by the drama of her co-stars, she is making it clear she wants nothing to do with certain issues. I just about fell out of my seat when she shut everyone down for still talking about Scandoval. Katie didn’t hold back as she stated, “I’m literally gonna jump off this roof if we have to keep talking about Tom Sandoval.” When I first watched the episode, I missed the importance of this statement. When younger, Katie fell off the roof and suffered a traumatic brain injury, so the sentiment meant a lot coming from Katie. 

I sincerely hope the rest of the season is full of Katie reading Scheana Shay, Lala, and Sandoval for filth. Katie is giving me feel-good vibes because she is really beginning to articulate what we, as viewers, have seen for a while.