Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 4 Recap: B*tches and Ball Games

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Welcome back to the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Episode 4 recap, where the ladies have left the shore, but not each other shortcomings, behind. Last week, Joe’s birthday party went down, and Jenn stood up for Teresa. On this week’s episode, titled “A League of Their Own Worst Enemy,” Jenn further holds her own when challenged by her anti-Tre costars, but then, they all give back to charity via a rousing game of softball, so, you take the good, you take the bad and there you have, the facts of New Jersey. Let’s hash this all out now with a little play-by-play from these ladies’ sports eras, as seen on RHONJ Season 14, Episode 4.

Moving and moaning

Over in the Gorga and the Giudice McMansions, their college-bound babies are still preparing to fly from their nests. On the other side of life, Margaret and Joe are off on their motorcycle, grabbing burgers. While “stuffing” her “fat little face,” Marge tells Joe that she’s sad. People have stopped checking in on her, now that a year has passed since her ex Jan Josephs’ death.

Joe hugs her as she begins to cry. He’s “not going anywhere.”

In a nearby (maybe) café, Rachel and Jenn met up for coffee. Jenn offers to share her order, showing that she’s “putting her best foot forward.” As the waitress leaves, Rachel breaks down in tears. She wants Jenn to give Teresa “zero” of her time, as Teresa has hurt her family.

On Rachel’s level of sadness over Jenn’s current friendships, however, Jenn simply does not compute. She does tear up though. This lets Rachel know that she still cares. The girlies hug, but this is New Jersey, so all bets are still off on this friendship.

Biscuit’s “b*tch” birthday

It’s time for ANOTHER party. This one though is for Biscuit, the Aydin’s dog. Dolores attends with one of her dogs. Not the “crooked head” one, the new one, Lady. As for Jenn, she brings a gift, but not a dog.

Likewise, Jackie also brought gifts, as did the final guests, Teresa and Gia Giudice. Olivia Aydin’s organized doggie fashion show begins. Biscuit wins, naturally. But also, these “b*tches” all slayed.

Speaking of “b*tches,” a charity event of Danielle’s, that several of the ladies had “gone the extra mile” in attending and sharing about on their socials, gets brought up next. Joined by a random named Lina, a hairdresser with ties to this cast, Lina shares that she was asked to leave this event. After doing Danielle’s hair, she was bummed that Danielle did not jump in to help her, as the security guards were giving her the bounce. 

Cue a confessional-sitting Jennifer, teasing, “There have been things that have been brewing with Danielle that people in this group may not be privy to.” Clearly, she’s thrilled to have Lina sharing this tea.

Jennifer then tells the ladies that she invited Margaret to this party, and Teresa tries to joke about which dog Joe would bring: “Margaret or his real dog?” No one laughs. Then, Messy Fessy reveals that Rachel had skipped out on this doggie party because of Teresa.

Jackie’s happy though. She loves her friendships right now. Meanwhile, Dolores is in a “Twilight Zone” level of confusion, because these friendships keep changing far too quickly.

Move-in day

Antonia Gorga dorm
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Melissa and Joe are finally moving Antonia Gorga into her dorm in Delaware. The dorms are co-ed, and Joe’s worried. And petty.

“I’m gonna take a page out of Luis’ book. I got investigators to follow her everywhere,” he jokes. Joey also tells some of the boys helping out that Antonia isn’t interested in guys.

Finally, Antonia’s dorm is prepped and ready, and it’s time for her parents to leave. A precious montage follows. As do all of the tears.

Charity chaos

Dolores’ annual charity softball game is here, bringing the entire cast together for the first and only time in this episode. On a positive note, before the game even begins, $125,000 has been raised for cancer. From here, things go downhill.

In Brooklyn, the cast starts gathering for some sports. In the locker room, Danielle asks Jackie how she swung an invite to Jennifer’s puppy party. Jackie explains that she’s friends with Jennifer and that the only person on this cast that she’s not friends with is Danielle herself.

Marge interjects, telling Jackie that she can’t take such “personal offense” to the drama. This causes Jackie to complain that Margaret never takes her side. “What have you ever done for me?” Margaret claps back. Jennifer’s watching, joking that she did not “have that on my bingo card” for this year.

Finally, the Gorga and Giudice families are face-to-face at last. Melissa urges her son Joey [Gorga] to go and give his aunt a hug, which he does. Joey and his cousin Gia then hug, and oh my goodness why can’t these families just make it nice already? As for Gia, she chose to ignore her aunt and uncle.

As the game begins, Dolores notes that she’s playing for the stunning Guerdy Abraira, who was, at the time, battling cancer. On the field, Margaret further tells Jenn that her friendship with Teresa is troubling. Jenn doesn’t care.

Bill and Joe have a decent talk. Jennifer isn’t loving this. Melissa then approaches her, asking for an honest and open conversation. On this, Jennifer says “alright.”

Finally, we end things on a positive note. Team RHONJ won, and over $200,000 in total was raised for charity.

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