Vanderpump Rules Season 11: Katie Maloney’s Best Moments

Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Katie Maloney has become a fan favorite after Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules. Viewers love that she remained steadfast in her support of Ariana Madix and didn’t participate in Tom Sandoval’s redemption arc. She remained unimpressed by her male co-stars and we were living for it. Long gone are the days of Katie making excuses for the men in her life. Now that Season 11 of VPR is coming to a close, let’s take a look back at Katie’s best moments this season.

When she shot down Schwartz’s advances

During a cast trip to San Francisco, Tom Schwartz proposed a one-night stand to his ex-wife. The pitch, which could not have been less romantic, included ordering junk food and ignoring each other while they scrolled on their phones. Yeah, that doesn’t sound hot. 

Katie dismissed the suggestion, telling her ex, “I don’t want that.” Queen behavior! 

When she defended Ariana at lunch

It’s one thing for a friend to defend you when you’re present but it’s another thing for them to remain loyal in your absence. In Episode 7, Katie, Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, and Kristina Kelly got lunch and rehashed what happened on the Lake Tahoe trip. Scheana expressed that she missed her friendship with Sandoval and Katie was not having it. She questioned why Scheana would want to hold onto a friendship with someone who has hurt multiple people in the group, including herself. 

“I wish Scheana would just wake the f*ck up,” she said in a confessional. “Look at the situation for what it really is. Sandoval never really gave a f*ck about your friendship. Cut ties, move on, be a good friend to Ariana.” 

When she gave Sandoval some advice 

In Episode 8, Sandoval attempted to apologize to Katie after an unexpected run-in in the joint home he shares with Ariana. 

“If you’re apologizing, that’s great but for me, apologies are just like words,” she said in response. “At the end day, Tom, you f*cked up. Big time…It’s fathomless to carry on in an affair like that.”

Sandoval tried to diminish the affair but Katie didn’t let up. Instead, she used herself as an example of how he should’ve handled the end of his relationship with her friend. 

“You know what I did, I walked away from a 12-year [relationship] when I still loved the person…because I wanted to be happy. I didn’t start f*cking his friend behind his back.” 

She was spitting bars with that one. 

When she dissed Schwartz’s style

Katie took a jab at Schwartz’s green wool, zip-up cardigan at Lala’s water-tasting party. She told her ex that maybe they could be friends again if he started making better fashion choices. Love that. She’s right. That sweater was giving Santa’s elf. 

When she defended Ariana’s man

Lala went into full interrogation mode against Ariana’s boyfriend, Daniel Wai, during the cast trip to San Francisco. She questioned his motives for dating Ariana and asked him a series of probing questions. Geez Lala, give the guy a break. 

Her fixation on Dan continued into a conversation with Katie, where she called him “a square.” Katie made it clear she was not down to gossip about her friend’s man. She disagreed with Lala’s take and stated, “I think he’s like the sweetest person.” 

When she took Schwartz’s girl 

Katie might not have wanted Schwartz to date anyone in the friend group but it turns out, she’s totally fine dating the same person as him. This season, Katie made a move on Scheana’s nanny Tori Keeth, who Schwartz was also interested in. It was iconic watching the two exes spar about who Tori liked better. 

When she said ‘I don’t want peace’

In the season finale, Jo Wenberg made the fatal mistake of trying to make amends with Katie. 

Katie was unimpressed with Jo’s efforts and shot down her apology. Schwartz tried to mediate the situation between his ex-wife and his hookup buddy, which did not go over well. After Schwartz said that Jo “came over to make peace,” Katie responded with her iconic line, “I don’t want peace.” 

Part III of the Vanderpump Rules finale airs on Tuesday, May 28 at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.