How Vanderpump Villa Could Replace Vanderpump Rules During Its Break

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Disney

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules was somewhat divisive for viewers. The entire cast was still dealing with the toxic effects of the affair between Ariana Madix’s boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and her friend, Rachel Leviss. Scandoval shifted the friendships of the entire cast.

For the first time, Pump Rules isn’t filming during the summer. What in the goat cheese balls is going on? The show is taking a beat after another difficult season. An insider told Entertainment Tonight that the casts’ other work commitments “are factors at play in that decision.”

We don’t know how long this break will be, or when filming for Season 12 will start. But Lisa Vanderpump’s new Hulu series, Vanderpump Villa, just finished airing its first season. The show followed Lisa and her handpicked staff at Chateau Rosabelle in France. She offered her guests the ultimate in luxury, all while overseeing her sometimes unruly employees. So, here’s how Vanderpump Villa could replace Vanderpump Rules during its break.

Vanderpump Villa serves early Pump Rules vibes

The cast on Vanderpump Villa echoes back to the early seasons of Pump Rules. Instead of Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder, we have Marciano Brunette and Hannah Fouch. Server Hannah and lead server Marciano had dated previously but weren’t together when they entered the chateau. Of course, they started hooking up. Duh. And chaos ensued when Marciano kissed a guest. Hannah also enjoyed taking some body shots with a group of male guests.

But they weren’t the only couple to get frisky at the chateau. Gabriella Sanon, who was one of the event coordinators, started hooking up with popular mixologist Andre Mitchell. Bless the Ambien that Gabriella’s roommate, Stephen Alsvig, took at night so that he wasn’t awake for their sexy shenanigans.

Meanwhile, chateau manager Eric Funderwhite managed to flirt with three female staff members: Emily Kovacs, Nikki Millman, and sous chef Caroline Byl. This crew loved to drink, dance, fight, and be messy. And I am here for every glorious moment. Cheers to Lisa’s new group of wild employees.

The show has a fascinating dynamic

The staff not only had to work together fulfilling the wishes of the guests, but they also had to live together at the chateau. When Hannah had a meltdown at 2 a.m., everyone suffered through it together.

Housekeeper Grace Cottrell told ABC News, “Not only living together but working together, you know, there’s no escaping.” For some of the staffers, it was their first time living with their co-workers. One server, Priscila Ferrari, left the chateau because she was homesick and because she was having difficulty with Hannah. The living situation heightened the tension and the drama for the staff.

The cast is well-versed in drama

Hannah seemed to be the common denominator in most disputes. Hannah and mixologist Telly Hall insulted Gabriella’s appearance when she showed an interest in Andre. They felt that she wasn’t being loyal to Grace, who also had a crush on Andre. He friend-zoned Grace before he started seeing Gabriella. Later, Grace confronted Marciano about his out-of-pocket behavior.

There was also professional drama. Stephen wanted Eric’s job, and Lisa gave him a chance after Eric jumped out of line. Housekeeper Emily wanted to move up and utilize her bartending skills. She was gunning for Telly’s job after she filled in while Telly was ill. It is a cut-throat industry, and the staffers are serious about ensuring their futures.

Lisa is an exacting boss who demands perfection. No pressure! The staff hoped to impress her and roll this experience into another job with Lisa.

The setting is stunning

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

While VPR is set in West Hollywood, this new series is set in the French countryside. Vanderpump Villa viewers can enjoy watching Eric chat with, and cuddle, the sheep and donkeys. Still, the chateau itself is spectacular. It is like a living and breathing character in the series. Who wouldn’t want an extravagant stay at Chateau Rosabelle? Sign me up.

The experiences offered at Vanderpump Villa are amazing

Lisa personally crafted the experiences for her guests. She planned a Butterfly Rebirth Ball for Harlan, who was celebrating her transition to female. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Eric went wild at the party, channeling Magic Mike and spanking Harlan with his belt. Oh, behave!

Meanwhile, a bachelorette party enjoyed an elegant Diamonds and Pearls dinner. Lisa also planned a decadent Night in Versailles. The guests wore costumes and white wigs for the dinner.

But the most extravagant experience was the Night at the Moulin-Rouge dinner. The table was decorated in deep red, and the servers wore sexy costumes. And Lisa had showgirls dance for the guests. The successful restaurateur thought of every detail to make each event memorable.

Although there are some key differences between the two series, Vanderpump Villa is a great way to get your Pump Rules fix while the former SURvers are on a break.