VPR alum Max Boyens claims Ken Todd didn't pay him for bar work.
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VPR Alum Max Boyens Claims Ken Todd Didn’t Pay Him for Bar Work

Max Boyens starred in season eight of Vanderpump Rules. He was a one-season wonder but stayed in the Lisa Vanderpump universe by working at TomTom. And Max didn’t last long there either. According to Max, he left the bar because Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, wouldn’t pay him. So, what went down between Ken and Max? And do you think Ken shouted, “Goodbye, Max!” as Max left for good? 

Max does not want to work for free

VPR alum Max Boyens complains about Ken Todd not paying him.
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Max might have been a relic of Pump Rules past, but he recently resurfaced in season 11. Katie Maloney shocked her ex Tom Schwartz when it was revealed she hooked up several times with his best friend Max. However, Max didn’t appear in the latest season. And there could be several reasons why.

Heavy reported Max had a Q&A session on Instagram, and a fan asked why he left the show. Max skipped the problematic Tweets discussion and went straight into why he left TomTom instead.

Max alleged, “I left the bar because I didn’t like working there anymore. Because Ken owed me money. He owed me about $8,000 and he didn’t pay me.” Couldn’t one of the Tom’s intervene and reach out to Ken or Lisa if that happened?

He continued, “And I had to get a lawyer involved and then he paid me. And you know what he said?  He said ‘I’m not paying you because you deserve it. I’m paying you out of goodwill.’” Still, Max has moved on. He said everything is now “fine” and the drama happened, “years ago.”

Max also spilled the tea on the “Up and Adam” podcast on what he got paid to appear on VPR. He shared, “They paid me little to nothing. As a new cast member, you don’t make episodic pay…It is just a flat rate. It is not a lot at all, it just gets you by.”

He claimed, “It was $4,000 [or] something … and they also pay it to you in increments.” My guess is production thinks being on the show is payment enough. Max added, “It was tough because I was spending a lot of money. I had to buy a lot of clothes because I don’t want to be wearing the same [expletive] clothes every episode…I have to fly to places with [the cast], and I am spending money when it is my turn to buy drinks for everybody.” 

If everything is truly fine between Max and Ken, then maybe we will see Max back on our screens in the upcoming season. There’s definitely a storyline to explore between him, Katie, and Tom. And perhaps he’ll get a little more cash this time too.

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