Shahs of Sunset

Kelly Dodd

Everyone from the check-out person at Publix to high-ranking attorneys seems to have something to say about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne. The only people not discussing Erika’s trials and tribulations are the members of the coveted and exclusive group, Fox Force Five. Erika’s solid group of loyal friends tried calling themselves The Golden Girls, but alas, the name was taken and Bea Arthur’s ghost wants nothing to do with this mess. It appears the ladies bound by trust honor integrity television have sanctioned a vow of silence on their team-member’s struggles and only speak to the media when Lisa Vanderpump sneezes.

Other Bravolebrities have EJ on the brain and have publicly commented on her situation. Former Real Housewives of Orange County spitfire Kelly Dodd pretty much comments on everything right after she refreshes a webpage. No one is safe and Erika’s legal matters haven’t been spared. Recently Kelly had a viewing of the Hulu documentary detailing Erika and Tom Girardi’s nefarious charges. So Kelly decided to perform a public service and lend a voice of support to the widows and orphans.

Shahs of Sunset

Whew. Is that the heat wave? Or just the slow burn of a social media dumpster fire? The Real Housewives of Orange County casting announcement has set the entire internet ablaze. Kelly Dodd has been dethroned from her previous status as a top-tier problematic Housewife. Now she’s just a regular ignorant person married to a former Fox News anchor.

So far, Kelly’s had no luck getting anyone on her side of things . That includes her former fans and former Bravo family! Since her firing, Kelly has been slinging mud in any direction she can hoping something will stick. Pathetic, but unsurprising, really. Honestly I’m surprised she’s not more comfortable around “herd thinning.”

Shahs of Sunset

This season of Shahs of Sunset wasted no time getting right down to the drama. “Best friends” of 2,000+ years Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid have tried mending fences after a tumultuous last season. While I don’t think MJ should ever forgive him for what he pulled, she seemingly has and they are forging ahead. Well, minus that pesky little restraining order Reza still has against MJ’s husband, Tommy Feight.

Another major source of drama has been Mike Shouhed, who I truly think will never change. Despite claiming that current girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen is the one, he just can’t keep his nose clean. When some illicit texts came to light, Mike pulled the deny, deny, deny game like he always does. But eventually, he had to come clean and confess not only to Paulina, but to the rest of the Shahs.

Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Mike Shouhed Paulina

Did you have a bad 2020? Did the Corona get you down in the dumps? Did the pressure of not being able to leave your home force you to… begin salaciously texting with someone who wasn’t your partner? Shahs of Sunset star, Mike Shouhed recently admitted falling victim to his dool a “dark time” during the pandemic. Naturally, it’s all going down on the 9th season of the show.

The genuine relationships documented on Shahs of Sunset afford the ability to execute drama that feels less contrived than say, a same-sex affair that may or may not have happened. Mike has definitely contributed his fair share of drama. His playboy ways only act to malign any hopes of maintaining a healthy, romantic relationship. After divorcing Jessica Parido due to his infidelity, Mike found love again with Paulina Ben-Cohen. Now Paulina and Mike are taking the next step in their relationship, living together. Oh, Paulina.


Shahs of Sunset is back for Season 9 and off with a bang and plenty of teeth whitener. Unlike other shows, it doesn’t need to bring on someone’s sister every year for stunt casting in the interest of not boring people to death. Their personal drama is quite enough and seemingly never ends.

This cast is messy, but it works for them. Speaking of messes, Mike Shouhed began the season in a spot of trouble. It seems he was the victim of an aggressive computer whiz intent on gaining unauthorized access to his iCloud data. And if you believed that, there’s a lovely bridge in Brooklyn for sale. ‘Ol Mike might have fooled his girlfriend for a minute, but she was the only one. Now in a shocking twist, Mike admits he did in fact color outside the lines of his relationship. Again.

Reza Farahan Is Writing A Book

Shahs of Sunset is finally back on the Bravo screen. One thing this show boasts that many of the suffering Real Housewives franchises do not? Actual, longstanding, friendships. Prior to their current (and very major) feud, Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid had been friends for THIRTY years. The very delayed reunion of season 8 showed fans some hope for these two, but not so much that they’ve come into season 9 as friends again.

Reza has made statements of his regret for his part in the clash between himself and MJ. MJ has remained mostly quiet on the issue, despite supposedly trying to come between Reza and Adam Neely, his husband. Interestingly, MJ has been making other public statements. She was seen commenting about her husband, Tommy Feight “living a lie” in recent months. Here’s to hoping season 9 reveals even more deep dark secrets within this chaotic friendship circle.

Reza Farahan Regrets His Comments About Mercedes Javid’s Abortions; Says The Pandemic Brought Them Back Together

The last season of  Shahs of Sunset was underwhelming to say the least. The reality is, much like Vanderpump Rules, the Shahs have seen better days. And no one really wants to watch these people grow up. Especially when they spend so little time actually growing. It seems like none of the Shahs have really changed in a good way.

One shining example of just how little growth is going on within the cast was this past season’s beef between Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid. In the season’s most explosive episode, they had an epic pool party screaming match. It ended with Reza screaming at MJ that her uterus exploded because she had ten abortions. For context – MJ had a major scare while giving birth to her son, Shams. The complications resulted in a hysterectomy and MJ not being able to carry any more children. And yes, Reza used that against her. If I’m being honest, MJ handled it much better than I would have. Then again, after being friends with Reza for so long, I guess she is used to it.

BravoCon Is Coming Back To New York City This October

Whether you love Bravolebrities or love to hate them, the thread tying us all together is that we’re Bravo fans. If you’re reading this article, you love Bravo. These shows and the people on them bring us joy. It’s rare that we get the chance to be in a room with thousands of other like-minded people to celebrate that joy.

Two years ago, Bravo gifted us with BravoCon. It put thousands of fans together, for the first time ever, in the same room with Bravolebrities from Real Housewives, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, Shahs of Sunset, Top Chef, Married to Medicine, Southern Charm, Million Dollar Listing, Summer House and more! If you’re like me, and you missed out in 2019, you now have a second chance at this experience, because BravoCon is back!