Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 3 Recap: Schwartz Tries To Unite the Group

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Trigger warning: This article discusses suicide.

Welcome back to the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 3 recap. Last time, James confronted Sandoval about having an affair with his ex, Rachel Leviss. This week’s episode, “You’re Not the Queen of the Group,” features Schwartz trying to unite the VPR crew, while Ariana sets up some boundaries. Here’s everything you need to know about Pump Rules, Season 11, Episode 3!

Sandoval dives into his history book

After James departed, Sandoval updated Schwartz. “And then he’s like, ‘Are you sorry for the ultimate betrayal?’ And I’m like the ultimate betrayal?” Sandoval remarked.

“I mean when you did that sh*t with Kristen, like first of all,” Sandoval continued. “Oh no. Oh man,” Schwartz said. Schwartz was speaking for all of us.

Sandoval skillfully put all the blame on James. “James literally did the exact same thing to me only way worse. And that’s my ex, that he’s f*cking her in my bed using my condoms,” Sandoval said. Ick.

So, Sandoval decided to run down James to his remaining guests. “James is like very f*cking heated. And also when you do what he did to me in the past, you can’t come at someone so hypocritically,” he stated. Pot, meet kettle.

Sandoval was also sad because Rachel didn’t text him. Billie Lee stated that Rachel had “abandoned” him. Until recently, Sandoval and Rachel were connecting every couple of days. Poor Sandoval “loves” Rachel and he misses her. Excuse me while I dry my tears.

Feeling emo

Meanwhile, James and Ally went to Emo Nite. Katie, Ariana, and Scheana were guest DJs. And James couldn’t wait to share about his meeting with Sandoval. “It was like playing chess. It’s this motherf*cker wants to play me, I’m showing up,” he explained to the group. When James revealed Sandoval’s trip down memory lane, the ladies were surprised. But Ariana pointed out that Sandoval has no one to give him the truth because they are all on his payroll.

Schwartz left Sandoval’s party early to catch the ladies at Emo Nite. He saw Scheana but missed the set. “That’s what you get when you choose Tom Sandoval over the group,” Scheana stated. Schwartz can’t play Switzerland for long.

Is Scheana a flip-flopper?

Katie paid a visit to Ariana to get an IV infusion after Emo Nite. Ariana mentioned that she feels like Scheana has a real “soft spot” for Schwartz. And Ariana doesn’t want Schwartz on every invite list.

She feels like other people also use Scheana like that, and they wonder if she is trustworthy or if she is a “flip-flopper.” Duh. They already know the answer.

Sandoval surprises Lisa

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Sandoval surprised Lisa at the now-defunct Pump. “Oh, f*ck,” Lisa said as she saw him approach. When she asked Sandoval who he had seen, he said that he had seen Ariana. But they hadn’t spoken. Lisa advised Sandoval that the gentlemanly thing to do (has she forgotten who she is speaking to?) would be to move out and then sell the house.

But Sandoval wants that house because he has poured tons of money and work (ha!) into it. Sandoval sent Ariana a letter of intent over a month ago, but so far, crickets. As Sandoval said, “This is a lot for me, okay?” Lisa clapped back that Sandoval created this mess.

He also shared that his friend, Ali, passed away. And that Scheana reached out, but was still bashing him on her podcast. In this case, theorizing that Billie and Sandoval hooked up back in the day.

Scheana also had one of Rachel’s old boyfriends, Nema Vand from Shahs of Sunset, on her podcast. He talked about how Rachel wanted to have sex on Scheana’s bed. Ewww. And he claimed that Rachel shared that Sandoval told her that he and Ariana were in an open relationship. Sandoval said it wasn’t true. Sure, but did he say that then?

Sandoval wants to move forward. Right now, he feels like he can’t win. When Lisa told him to stop being so angry, he exploded. He told her that he fought with thoughts of suicide. That strikes a chord with Lisa because she lost her brother to suicide.

She called Sandoval from the car after the Season 10 reunion, and she made him promise that he would call her if he was in a dark place. The fact that Sandoval didn’t reach out makes Lisa concerned. She told him that he needed to be sensitive and remorseful to try and rebuild some of the relationships, like with Scheana. But is it possible for Sandoval to be remorseful?

Schwartz turns to Lisa for support

Meanwhile, Schwartz met up with Lisa at Vanderpump Dogs. He opened up about his brother, Bert, who was in rehab. Bert was rushed to the hospital and may have liver disease.

Then they discussed Sandoval. “I just don’t think the punishment really befits the crime,” Lisa said. Since Ariana has moved on, she felt like everyone else should, too. Both Lisa and Schwartz were worried about Sandoval’s mental health.

Lisa is opening a new restaurant called Wolf by Vanderpump in Lake Tahoe. She suggested inviting the group to go there and reconnect. Obviously, Ariana will never hang with Sandoval.

An unwelcome surprise

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James was playing at SUR’s See You Next Tuesday. Lala, Brock, Scheana, Katie, and Ariana showed up, and Schwartz was there. But then Sandoval rolled up with Kyle Chan.  

Sandoval and Kyle grabbed a table. And Sandoval felt mighty uncomfortable. I can’t imagine why.

An invitation from Schwartz

Schwartz invited the group to Lake Tahoe and was upfront about inviting Sandoval. “I don’t want to be anywhere near either you or my ex,” Ariana replied. Lala questioned why Schwartz was standing by Sandoval. Schwartz responded because of their friendship. Finally, Ariana said, “I gave up on you a long time ago, and my life is better for it.”

Schwartz replied, “I love that for you.” When Ariana stated that he was “a lost cause,” Schwartz told her not to speak for everyone. “You’re not the queen of the group,” he said.

He also called out Ariana’s ego. Katie told Schwartz that Ariana was expressing how the group felt. Is Ariana the official spokesperson now?

Finally, Schwartz apologized to Ariana and admitted that he missed the old group. Of course, Ariana pointed out that her ex ruined that, and that Sandoval wasn’t being welcomed back–ever. A frustrated Schwartz felt ganged up on and left.

Sandoval makes his case to Scheana

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Scheana went to the ladies’ room and walked by the wanna-be rocker’s table. He wanted to speak with her, and she agreed to meet him outside. It was AWKWARD.

Scheana told Sandoval that if he had been truthful and apologetic from the jump, everything could have been different. He agreed that he handled it poorly. Scheana told him to be apologetic, and he reminded her that he apologized to her last year.

Then Sandoval told Scheana that her podcasts were just too much. She explained that is why they stopped at a certain point. But she also told him that he needs to “humble himself.”

Scheana added that he is acting like “a narcissist.” Sandoval told her to look up the definition. Before leaving, she said that no one wanted any harm to come to him or Rachel. So, Sandoval brought up the Nema interview because it was time to deflect. That is Sandy’s go-to move.  

In his confessional, Sandoval called the loss of Scheana’s friendship “devastating.” Again, who is to blame?

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988.

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