Brandi Redmond “Will Never Forgive” Herself “For Misjudging” LeeAnne Locken

Brandi Redmond had a rough time towards the end of the Real Housewives of Dallas.  Sure, it all started as drunk fun and outgrown sorority games with her bestie Stephanie Hollman, but being on reality TV always takes a toll eventually.

A cheating scandal involving husband Bryan Redmond was one humiliation that Brandi weathered onscreen.  Another incident that haunted the former Dallas Cowboys was when a video surfaced showing her imitating an Asian accent.  Brandi was doing penance for the poor decision for the entirety of Season 5, and this contrition may have had something to do with an apparent reconciliation that happened on Twitter between herself and former nemesis LeeAnne Locken.

Who doesn’t miss the RHOD gals?  Season 5 may have been a bit disjointed, and certainly the best seasons involved LeeAnne and Brandi’s feud, but there were a lot of great reasons to watch the show.  Maybe it’s also a bit of sentiment that influenced Brandi and LeeAnne’s reconciliation, but whatever the reason, it’s refreshing.  Certainly LeeAnne has spent enough time denying having revealed Bryan’s cheating scandal.

The Real Housewives Polls set up a questionnaire to rate the cast member fans missed the most.  Stephanie came up the winner, but the poll also served the purpose of getting Brandi and LeeAnne communicating.

Brandi started it off by casting her vote.  She tweeted, “LeeAnne all day, everyday.  Miss her.”  In another response, she wrote, “Thank u.  She is absolutely a star.  I will never forgive myself for misjudging her.  She knows I love her and miss her.  Life is about choices and we have the authority to help or hurt others.  I will always choose to help others and lift them up.”


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LeeAnne responded, “You know I have already forgiven. I miss you and this is the you that I will always TREASURE and LOVE!”

Wow, the last communication seen between these two was at the Season 4 reunion when LeeAnne was confronted about comments she made against Kary Brittingham. Brandi ordered the fellow OG star into a folding chair as punishment for the words that got her fired.

Methinks these Real Housewives really miss being on reality TV. Maybe the reconciliation is a ploy to peak interest for a potential relaunch of RHOD on Peacock? But wouldn’t it be lovely if these two were genuinely friends now?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]