Jim Bellino

More of Alexis Bellino’s Divorce Settlement Terms Revealed

Jim and Alexis Bellino‘s divorce was finalized earlier this week and we shared about Jim’s part of the settlement: retaining two of their mansions that are worth about $7 million. Don’t despair for Alexis, she’s making out pretty well herself.

In documents obtained by The Blast, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star’s piece of the settlement is nothing to sneeze at!

Jim and Alexis Bellino Finalize Their Divorce Already

Well that was fast! Just two months after filing for divorce, Former Real Housewives of Orange County stars Jim and Alexis Bellino have finalized their divorce already!

The couple first announced their split back in June and were adamant about keeping things amicable. The two filed the final paperwork on Monday, according to TMZ.

Jim Bellino Is Suing Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador For $1 Million; Said He Has “Physical And Psychological Ailments” From Comments They Made About Him On A Podcast

Divorce is tough enough. Divorcing in the spotlight has to be even more difficult. Not that Jim Bellino is actually “in the spotlight” these days, but he has made some recent headlines since he and former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Alexis Bellino announced their divorce last month.

Of course fans of the reality TV franchise were curious so it did make some headlines. Not only that, but Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 just started back up again, so the current cast members are doing plenty of interviews to promote the new episodes. Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador were asked about the divorce during one podcast and Jim cannot get past it. In fact, he wants them to pay up for the distress they’ve (allegedly) cost him. How much does it cost to talk shit these days? Jim is asking for $1 million.

Jim Bellino Seen Kissing A New Woman; Still Planning Legal Proceedings Over False Claims Against Him

It looks like the conspiracy theories flying around about Jim Bellino and Alexis Bellino‘s divorce being “fake” aren’t true. It seems that Jim is moving on already! The former Real Housewives of Orange County star was allegedly seen out on a date in Las Vegas this week with a new woman. Jim confirmed that he is continuing to pursue legal action against those making false allegations (Tamra & Shannon?).

When contacted about the photos from his hot date, Jim told Radar Online, “Alexis and I each spent 2 1/2 days separately at Alisal Dude Ranch with our children. I went to Vegas and met some friends after the trip.” Not exactly a confirmation of an actual date…

He also shared that he and Alexis have reached an amicable resolution in their divorce proceedings and they intend on keeping it confidential to protect their privacy and to keep the “intimate details of our lives from becoming grist for a malicious rumor mill.” Jim then went on to confirm that he is not letting go of the things that were said. “We have been unfairly and viciously targeted by certain individuals in recent weeks, who have severely aggravated the pain we have had to endure through false, defamatory and highly objectionable statements. We look forward to holding those individuals fully accountable through the legal process for the substantial damages they have caused and continue to cause to our family.”

Alexis & Jim Bellino with children

Whatever went down on Heather McDonald’s JuicyScoop podcast with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador must’ve gone beyond juicy into downright salacious territory, because Jim Bellino has threatened to sue!

Seriously – why years after Alexis Bellino left Real Housewives Of Orange County does Tamra even care about Jim?! Didn’t she find Jesus and her moral compass?

Alexis Bellino & Jim Bellino

It’s the most shocking divorce story everrrrrr because Alexis Bellino and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Jim Bellino aren’t having a custody dispute over their three children! Say what?!

In fact, Alexis and Jim are getting along wonderfully as exes! They just wish everyone would stop speculating over what led to their split and instead of focus on how wonderful it all is. Like how they immediately agreed to a 50/50 custody divide.  Can I get a thank you bedazzled Jesus?! 

Alexis Bellino Vacations With Her Kids In Montana- Photos

Last week the news broke that former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim Bellino are filing for divorce. The ex-Housewife has been out of the spotlight for sometime now, but thanks to the surprise divorce news, eyes are on her Instagram.

It makes perfect sense that Alexis would want to escape real life for just a little bit. She took her three kids on a trip to Montana.

Former Orange County Alexis Bellino & Husband Jim Are Divorcing

Even though Alexis Bellino has not been a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member for a long time and has stayed out of the public eye, it is still pretty surprising news that she and Jim Bellino are divorcing.

After all, this the same woman whose tagline used to be “God is my savior, my husband is my king, and my body? It’s sinful.” Eeeww. Then again, he has been pretty absent from her Instagram posts, so if anyone was following her closely, this news might not be too shocking.