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Instagram Users Shame Alexis Bellino For Poking Fun At Her Maids In A Post

Alexis Bellino seemed to largely disappear after leaving the Real Housewives of Orange County after four seasons in 2013. Sure, she posted a lot on social media, but we didn’t hear much about her until her divorce from Jim Bellino last year. Since then, Alexis has been popping up on the semi-regular. Earlier this year, she made some waves when she posted a few Instagram pics with her new man, Andy Bohn. And Alexis was soon was faced with Andy’s estranged wife making a public plea for privacy for her family due to Alexis flaunting her new relationship on social media.

Alexis is currently starring on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars-Family Edition with her mother and is also making an upcoming appearance on Below Deck. Something tells me Alexis won’t be as sweet as Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey was when she was on the show! Alexis also appeared on RHOC this season due to her friendship with Emily Simpson. Apparently, all this attention wasn’t enough, as Alexis is now in a bit of a social media kerfuffle over comments she made about her household help on Instagram.

In a recent Instagram post, Alexis shared a picture of her sectional sofa pulled apart. On the floor under where the sofa had been, there are a bunch of feathers, a pen and what looks like part of a child’s craft project. Alexis added the caption, “When your couch accidentally disconnects and you realize your maids aren’t doing deep cleaning. Found 2 socks too…” This was followed by several emojis, including one that was laughing.

You have to wonder why someone would post this. Is Alexis just being playful in a borderline inappropriate way–or is she shaming her household help? Didn’t she think people would comment on this–or was that her purpose? Does anyone call their household help “maids” anymore–or does Alexis now live in the Spelling mansion?

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If Alexis was trolling for attention, she found it. Posters quickly called her out, with comments like, “That sounds pretentious AF.” Another stated, “Boo hoo. Poor you. Maybe try and do it yourself.” “Move the couch yourself once in a while,” said another. One poster shared, “Your ‘maids’ $1stworldproblems right here, you sure you’re going to be ok to clean it?” And my personal favorite, “Alexis, you’ve always been a whiner and you’re still a whiner. Be grateful.”

Surely, Alexis knew this would kick off a social media sh*t storm. However, it is Alexis we are talking about… If this cleaning issue is really something that concerned her, wouldn’t it be better to just talk to the people cleaning your house–like a normal, respectful employer?

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Needless to say, all the sassy comments did not sit well with the ex-Mrs. Bellino and she could couldn’t leave well enough alone. Alexis later posted, “To All: I can and WILL post whatever I want on MY IG. My maids are well paid for and I love them. It was a joke. Get over yourselves, stop trolling, find happiness and please unfollow me ASAP as I’m not looking for any of your approval on my IG and I DON’T need followers.”

Bam–I guess Alexis told them! One could argue that even though her maids are “well paid for,” if she really loved them, would she be poking fun at them on social media? Does love have to hurt, Alexis?

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Alexis went on to say, “I will continue to be myself on my own social media platform. Life is good. Find the happiness and peace in life and just know you will be blocked cuz I don’t have Instagram for your acceptance, nor for any of you to spread hate. Thanks!!! Have a great day! Love and light!”

I was all set to troll Alexis, but then she made all warm and fuzzy with her “have a great day” and “love and light.” It is always good to end a stern message with some throw away, treacly inspirational thoughts! Alexis, a comforting human s’more.

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I bet you thought Alexis was done with her rant–think again! Apparently, she was still riled up. In a follow up post, she stated, “I’m actually enjoying blocking all of you haters. I’ve always left hateful comments up because I really don’t care what you think of me. But now that I have a son on IG, I’m different. HATERS/TROLLS don’t matter. I may end up with zero followers in the end, but guess what…I have strong kids who know y’all are just miserable folks.”

But, if haters and trolls don’t matter, should Alexis be responding to them? Social media is such a difficult platform to maneuver–especially when the attention you are seeking doesn’t go your way.

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Alexis went on to declare, “Social media is clearly becoming a huge trouble for young children. I will make this my life’s mission to stop all of you as I have kids coming into social media.” Those statements sound suspiciously like Alexis is looking for a platform to enter the Mrs. California pageant, but then again, I’m a bit cynical. Like some of her followers.

Rubbing salt into what Alexis thinks might be her followers’ wounds, she added, “And by the way…you were never invited to be my friend! Remember that YOU are following ME. Not vice Versa. God Bless you all. Find your true purpose in life. I promise you that God doesn’t want you hating on Social media. # spreadlove.”

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“Spreadlove,” indeed. I am now picturing Alexis’ house–you know–the one that her maids allegedly lackadaisically clean–is full of Home Goods inspirational signs plastered on the walls. “Live, Laugh, Love.” “Believe.” “Let it be.” With an occasional, “Go to HELL hateful, miserable trolls!” plaque thrown into the mix!


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