ST LOUIS, MO - APRIL 11: Former St. Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds during the pre-game ceremonies prior to a game between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on Monday, April 11, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Jim Edmonds Files For Split Custody Of Children With Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Meghan King; Says She Isn’t Willing To Co-Parent

I have a really great idea. The kids from Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s failed marriage should meet up with the children from Meghan King’s failed marriage. Together they can create a Real Housewives of Orange County kids camp. They’ll have arts, crafts, and therapy because their parents prefer to act foolish over conducting themselves properly.

The drama from Meghan’s divorce from Jimmy Dad Jeans Edmonds continues. Let’s just say it will never end and that’s what you get when you marry a man like Jim. That said, Meghan is no prize and spends most of her waking hours trying to appear relatable on social media. They are both exhausting.

So why not bring kids into an already toxic situation because that makes everything better, right? We can see how well it worked out for Braunwyn and it didn’t exactly turn Meghan’s frown upside down either. Now Megs has three children with a man who has an enormous chip on his shoulder. He also has a brand new modification to their current order of child custody.

According to People, Jim and his attorneys seek a more “stable” schedule in an effort to enforce joint physical custody. A motion was filed to change the custody agreement. It was submitted earlier this month. Jim provided a list of reasons for the adjustment including the “impractical and unworkable” physical custody arrangement in place. Meghan and Jim split both legal and joint custody between their three kids.

Currently, Jimbo and Megs submit their custody schedule no less than 30 days in advance until they can mutually agree to the selected time. If they cannot agree a Parent Coordinator will step in to make a final decision.

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Jim’s camp claims he will sometimes agree to the offered time, even if it clashes with his current schedule. Sure, Jan. This is because of the “practical limitations of seeking the Parent Coordinator’s guidance with each monthly disagreement.” His team also notes it’s in the children’s best interest for the schedule to have a clear and decisive arrangement because both parents travel on a regular basis.

In a petty move only designed to sting and is in no one’s best interest, Jim’s rep released a statement. It read, “Jim and [wife] Kortnie [O’Connor] believe Meghan is unstable, unfit, unwilling to co-parent and unable to provide an environment for the children that is emotionally and physically safe.”

It continued, “In addition, they feel Meghan is intentionally creating obstacles in an effort to put distance between them and the children. Jim has filed a motion with the court to modify the current custody agreement that will give him a greater amount of time with the three children and a more consistent schedule.” Not sure why Kortnie with a K needed to be included in the statement. To an outsider, it would seem Kortnie’s personal opinion on Meghan is not required as her questionable choice in marrying Jim renders her an unreliable witness.

“If Meghan is unable to effectively parent and co-parent under this new agreement, Jim is prepared to continue to seek greater custody of the children to ensure their emotional and physical well-being.” Oh a threat, how nice. Because a man who has been married four times is obviously the poster boy for family stability. Also, I’m not Team Meghan, both of these people suck in their own way.

Meghan fired back stating, “I’ve been the primary parent and single mother of my children with zero issues except for the ones in which Jim causes.” Nice try, but her social media begs to differ. The optics for Meghan’s defense would be much better if she could stop complaining so much, oversharing about her love life, and just raise her damn kids.

She added, “His salacious claims are unfounded and will be found so in court. My children have always been and always will be my top priority.” I’m sure Meghan will release a much more thorough statement shortly. These two love the sound of their own voices so much, I’ll say “good luck” to any judge who has to preside over a future court case. Hope the parents can figure it out for the sake of the children who never asked for any of this crap.


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