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Kelly Dodd Served With Court Papers After Poodle Allegedly Attacked Strangers

The Real Housewives of Orange County is due for an entire revamp after last season’s mayhem. Braunwyn Windham-Burke was doing the absolute most and it wasn’t fun to watch. Some fans even boycotted watching last season because of controversial statements made by Kelly Dodd about the coronavirus pandemic, other women and the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite what Kelly thinks, RHOC needed Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to whoop it up last season to lighten it up. The new crew of ladies led by Shannon Beador was ultimately a bore with quite a lot of toxicity mixed in there. 

And while Bravo is taking its time before making decisions about the future of RHOC, Kelly is still getting into trouble. (And has yet to be officially fired, but even she’s expecting it at this point) But this time around, the trouble has to do with her little dog being vicious.

Dogs and Real Housewives whose names start with “K” apparently just don’t mesh together. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kim Richards had several issues with her dog Kingsley attacking people, including one of Kyle Richards’ daughters. Kim Zolciak had an incident when her son was bit by a dog. And now Kelly’s poodle Chloe is getting called out for some bad behavior. Like mother, like (doggy) daughter.

Radar Online reports that Kelly and her ex Michael Dodd have been served legal papers by the City of Newport Beach after several reported attacks over the past few years from Chloe. The city filed a petition in September 2020 to determine if Chloe was “potentially dangerous” after multiple strangers reported being attacked by the dog, unprovoked. Two incidents with Chloe date back to 2015 and 2017, with victims saying the dog has inflicted injuries on strangers with her aggressive manner. Kelly’s mom denied that the incidents ever occurred.

After a victim was transported to the hospital after being bit by the dog, Kelly and Michael were told their dog was placed on a 10-day home quarantine due to the bite “allegation made for rabies control purposes.” We know how good Kelly is at following quarantine rules, so I’m sure Chloe’s quarantine went off without a hitch. NOT.


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A third incident occurred in 2018 when Chloe attempted to bite a man at the beach, and ended up ripping up his pants. The victim says he knew the dog because back in 2018, Chloe “bit his wife.” To no surprise, Kelly isn’t taking accountability for her pooch’s bad behavior. The third victim says that when he told Kelly to control her dog, she responded by saying, “It’s crazy, Chloe only bites you two.” I hate how clearly I can hear her voice saying that in my head.

Kelly and Michael were supposed to attend a hearing in November 2020 about the case, but they blew it off. During the hearing, the court found Chloe to be a potentially dangerous dog. That means that Animal Control has the right to impound her unless the owners take out insurance and follow other safety requirements. It’s unclear what Kelly decided to do, but Radar Online reports she was photographed at the beginning of the year walking a dog that looked like Chloe. We know Kelly isn’t one for following rules, but let’s hope she keeps her dog on a tight leash from now on. Much tighter than the one Andy Cohen keeps her on while dismissing her bad behavior. 


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