The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion begins airing next week and the previews look scandalous! Everyone predictably attacks Brandi Glanville, Adrienne Maloof gets publicly called out by Andy Cohen, Kyle Richards whines and cries, and Lisa Vanderpump remains calm. 

While Lisa is cool as a cucumber, she's fuming mad about last week's episode and the assignations made against Brandi by Faye Resnick. Lisa calls into question Faye's ethics, honesty, and behaviors!

Starting with Marisa Zanuck revealing Brandi's "playful" text at Adrienne's party and Faye's reveal that Brandi had sex in the bathroom at the white party, Lisa is "disgusted." 

"I was the one who knocked on the door, opened it as they were all gossiping outside at the party," Lisa clarifies in her Bravo blog. "Yes she was having a good old snog as we say in England. What is wrong with that? However I knew this was a fuel for many if I didn't intervene." 


As for why Faye, along with Linda "Middle Class Jam" Thompson, were present at her vow renewal party, Lisa didn't invite either of them! "We were all aware that it would also be our final party of the season, where we do include many who have been involved in our circle. Taylor [Armstrong] had a plus one and had invited Linda." 

And then Lisa addresses Faye's intrusion into Brandi, Yolanda Foster, and Marisa's conversation – or as Brandi termed it: Faye "putting her dick on the table." 

"I would hazard a guess she [Faye] was looking for trouble. It worries me that she perceives the definition of a lady can be defined by a handbag. There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady — Resnick is not one of them. Her reputation precedes her." 

I so wish that when Faye uttered that totally rehearsed comment, Brandi would have whipped out the spread-eagle Playboy shot, handed it to Faye, and said, 'Ladylike, much? Yeah, bye bitch.' 

Lisa also explains why she skipped Adrienne's Zing party in favor of massages – as if it weren't obvious. 

"I wasn't welcome there, in all honesty. Her chef has been vicious about me on social media and in the press numerous times and was clearly directed by somebody," Lisa explains. "Also, Adrienne, I can no longer regard in the same way. Another party paid for by sponsors capitalizing on the publicity that ensues from these parties was not for me." 

And Lisa defends Paul Nassif against Adrienne's assault against him in the media and on TV.

"The high jinx of him clowning around was one of the reasons we always loved him, but her efforts to emasculate him constantly baffle me. He is basically a good guy and although he has been thoroughly detrimental about me in the past, I am aware he was coerced."

"He reached out to me after I voiced a modicum of support in the midst of some serious allegations. He apologized profusely and has repeatedly come to my restaurants and attempted to resolve things. We have supported him in our belief in standing up for what was right and try to support him through what has been a difficult time." WOWZERS!

Lisa is not playing around. She is furious. And we love it! Lisa tells E! this time she was much more prepared to be dragged through the mud! "I think I was more assertive and really got my opinion and my voice out there."

Also assertive was Andy. He ripped Adrienne a new one over skipping the reunion! I have never seen him so mad at a Housewife hijinx before. 


Below is a video preview of the reunion and of Andy calling Adrienne out! Regardless of what happened, it seems like some ladies didn't hold grudges. Brandi filmed a movie role with Camille Grammer and Kyle following the reunion taping and afterwards the three went out for dinner. 


"On set antics with Carrie.. @KyleRichards18 @BrandiGlanville no, it's not another horror movie.. It's a comedy," Camille tweeted. 


"Great Dinner with @BrandiGlanville and @KyleRichards18 @craigsla thanks again," Camille tweeted later. 

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