Lisa Rinna joins RHOBH

Lisa Rinna, a former soap opera star, rates Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills‘ insanity against her former gig on Melrose Place and says unequivocally that Bravo brings the drama better than the fictionalized soaps. “It’s Melrose Place without the script!” Lisa clarified. 

Lipsa promises that she’ll deal with the crazy by trying to remain true to what’s important – herself! “I am going to be very authentic, be myself and stay grounded. Don’t react to anything, but be the better person and be supportive and empower the women,” she describes.


Although that might be easier said than done. “But that might fly out the window because we are women and we are determined,” Lisa admits to Hollywood Life. “What I will tell you is that you will see that I am fiercely protective of my family!”

Hinting that she definitely doesn’t keep the peace, however, Lipsa reveals relationships definitely change! “I went into this not disliking anyone on the show. It will be interesting for people to see how that may change or evolve.” She is already rumored to have issues with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville!

Lisa clarifies that overall she did have fun filming with the girls. “I had a really good time, I really did. It was a great job,” she says in praise of RHOBH. “It was nice to be involved with something that I could be around my children, to be here in LA and my husband [Harry Hamlin] who is working all over the place, it affords him to do that and we can balance things, so it worked out!”

But of course, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t serious drawbacks to working in the asylum! Add to the equation Brandi’s ‘woe is me victim whining’ for the umpteenth time. For some odd reason Brandi who claims she is over Lisa Vanderpump, continues her obsessiveness on twitter. 

Brandi complained that Lisa is a hypocrite and then demanded all of us stop trying to twist why she’s upset! “Dear all bloggers Im NOT still mad that @LisaVanderpump brought an ex mistress around!I’m mad cuz she takes 0 fault 4our fight #no1sperfect.”

When is Brandi not upset about something someone else did, because you know, she never does anyeeeething, but she owns her stuff! No wonder she and Rambles have become besties: no accountability! But anyway, I’m still waiting on what horrible misdeed Lisa did… 

Oh wait! Wait! Brandi tells us – Lisa is a fake hypocrite! Here’s why:

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 12.54.59 PM

Give it up – Brandi, you tried to make Lisa look bad last season and it didn’t work! You’re relentless and the only person suffering is yourself. Put the wine down, put the phone down, call Jacqueline Laurita and get in a  support group – maybe start TAA: Twitter Addicts Anonymous. You can have weekly meetings in the WWHL clubhouse. 

Lisa didn’t respond – she was too busy

Tonight is a brand new episode of RHOBH. Brandi and Kim team-up to spy on Brandi’s ex JR, and Kim helps Brandi move into her new house. But Brandi also tries to make amends with Adrienne Maloof for outing her surrogacy secret! Wonder if she’ll blame Lisa for making her do it? Meanwhile Yolanda Foster surprised her love with a very revealing dinner (does she get naked and stand in the glass fridge?!). 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so join us in a little pre-Thanksgiving drama binge that makes you appreciate your fambly a little more! 


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