vanderpump rules cast celebrates Scheana's bachelorette party in Miami

The cast of Vanderpump Rules managed to come together to celebrate Scheana Marie‘s bachelorette party in Miami. And so far, no one has died – yet! 

Katie Maloney reveals that she was happy to be invited – even if it meant damaging her friendship to Stassi Schroeder. “I really wasn’t looking forward to a trip with both Jax and Kristen but I had come so far with my process of letting go and not letting petty grudges get the best of me,” Katie shares. “Besides there are plenty of people I love going on this trip. I’m not going to let two people ruin it.”

“Of course, I had some concerns and fears of the worst,” Katie admits. “There was still plenty of lingering drama between several people going, myself included. However, this trip was about Scheana and shay and celebrating them!”


Including no longer being afraid of Stassi, Katie is done being timid with Jax Taylor. “If I’m going to hang around Jax I’m going to make it clear that I’m not going to let him think he can say or do whatever he wants without consequence.”

One of those consequences, however, is that her boyfriend Tom 2 remains in paralyzing fear of Jax’s version of the truth! “Everyone was supposed to be putting their differences aside for these few days, but I guess that doesn’t mean we are safe from a little drama,” Katie explains. “I guess it was bound that some grudges would surface such as the Jax and Tom’s issues of rumors and indiscretions.”

Katie also agrees it was shocking when Vail grabbed Kristen Doute‘s phone and started reading her texts at the girls’ dinner! “Vail is new to this group so it’s fair that she doesn’t realize that her going through Kristen’s phone could be detrimental.”

“I also don’t think she realized how ugly it’s been between some people there with us and being so casual about bringing these issues up,” Katie adds. “I guess if she is going to figure it out at some point it may as well be now.”

While Katie is at Scheana’s bachelorette party, not speaking to Stassi, Scheana is thrilled that she managed to topple the dynamic duo. “When I heard Katie telling Kristen that Stassi’s really mad at her for coming on this trip I felt bad,” Scheana insists. “But at the same time, I’m kind of like ‘You are free!’ You’re now not under Stassi’s reign. You don’t have to do what she says. You are your own person. You can do what makes you happy.” 

Scheana also says Jax’s cheating is like Tourettes tick – he can’t even help it. “Jax is incapable of only ever texting one girl at a time because even if he’s dating one girl, there’s still ‘Blonde NYC’ and ‘Redhead Chicago’ and ‘Girl From Miami Two Years Ago,'” Scheana points out. “He still tells these girls that he wants them to have his babies. Like gross.” 

Indeed, gross. Tonight drama in Miami continues to erupt when Kristen and Tom 1 have an emotional heart-to-heart, which she is convinced will finally break him and Ariana up, but Tom is only talking to Kristen so she’ll leave Ariana alone.

Meanwhile, Jax reunites with an old pal which has people’s mouths agape with wonder. And finally, Stassi butts-heads with Lisa back in LA when Lisa suggests she give Katie another chance at friendship. 

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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