Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor argue about cheating

Tom Sandoval is permanently juggling two crazies at one time: his ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute and his betraying BFF Jax Taylor. You would think after all the years of enabling he’d have gotten a system down, but it turns out until recently the he hasn’t been standing up for himself, but now he is. 

According to Tom 1, Jax, much like Stassi Schroeder, believes doesn’t understand that friendship works two-ways. “When I called Jax out about the San Diego girl, I was doing so because in the past — if and when Jax has ever had the smallest piece of dirt on Schwartz or I — he has embellished on it and then gone on to tell anyone with two ears,” the Vanderpump Rules star explained. “Then when confronted on this embellished dirt that he has had, he’s denied it to our face.”


Tom 1 says he’s had enough of everything being twisted around and being accused of nefarious deeds because certain people want to cover their own asses. And he insists any rumors that he is cheating on Ariana Madix with some unknown girl in Miami are completely ridiculous. “When I told Jax that ‘I shouldn’t have to ask you to lie for me,’ I’m quoting Kevin Hart, in that when you’re best friends with someone, you should always have their back,” Tom 1 insists.

“The conversation Jax and I had privately had absolutely nothing to do with the dumb, empty Miami allegation,” Tom 1 maintains. “I’m talking about years and years of Jax insinuating or guessing or trying come up with a piece of information that he can turn into something bigger, to either take the heat off himself or to get attention.”

Tom says he wants to teach Jax a lesson by beating him at his own sleazerific douche-bag game. Don’t sink to that level – there are STDs down there at the depths. Right, Brandi? And so much murky more… “At this point I’m wanting Jax to know what it’s like to have someone like Jax as your friend. The difference is I’m not embellishing nor am I denying being the source of the information,” Tom 1 writes. 

“Do you think for one second that if I was worried about some information Jax had on me that I would do this? I can tell you one thing, with 100 percent certainty, I would never choose this time to do this if Jax had any dirt on me. He most definitely does NOT, because doing anything like that to Jax is dangerous,” Tom 1 clarifies.

“If you are the source of Jax looking bad in anyway, he will stop at nothing to make you look way, way worse, even if it is with lies. He has no perception of equality or justice when it comes to even practical jokes. Example, if you draw a penis on Jax when he’s asleep, your likely to wake up the next morning with a penis spray painted on the hood of your car.” Sounds like a lovely and delightful friend. <side eye> Why are you two Tom-weenies putting up with him?

Describing Jax’s imagination as better than fiction – crime fiction, that is, Tom 1 explains how Jax’s stories come to be. “Jax WANTING or thinking something happened means to him that it did happen, and then some, and then he will go behind our backs and say things that aren’t even possible for the reasons I listed above,” he writes. “Jax lies in place of actual information. He takes the smallest iota of an idea or a rumor and blows it up into an elaborate story with tons of inconsistencies because it is all a lie.”

With Jax participating in any plans to destroy Tomiana’s relationship, Tom 1 says the friendship is at this point null and void. I have noticed an icy silence on instagram/twitter with Jax continuously trying to tweet at the Toms to no response. Hmmm…

“At dinner, I got angry because I knew he had talked sh– behind my back and, at this point, this shouldn’t even be a subject of conversation,” Tom 1 says. “All it does is fuel the people who want to relish in misery and bring Ariana and I down. There’s no pact and there is barely any friend trust there.”


[Credit: Bravo]

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