Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz were guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight and they dished on everything from Tom’s cheating to Katie’s friendships with Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute and even touched on whether marriage and babies are in their near future. 

When Andy asks Tom if he blames Jax Taylor for the way things went down on tonight’s episode, with Jax outing him for cheating on Katie in Vegas, he admits that Jax certainly didn’t help his cause.  He thinks maybe Jax did it on purpose, but he says, “I guess i don’t have anyone to blame but myself.”

On Kristen getting fired tonight, Tom says it was a long time coming. Andy says the celebration was crazy and he’s obsessed with the clip of the cooks in the SUR kitchen high fiving at the news. 

Katie says that she believes Tom when he says that’s all that happened.  Tom said, “listen, I got drunk, I made a horrible mistake.  I feel terrible about it. Yeah we made out and maybe there was a little, ya know, but we didn’t have sex.   I’ve atoned for my transgressions, I feel terrible about it. ” 

He swears all clothes were on.  But then Andy points out that Tom said he was too drunk to remember and Tom admits it’s a good point. 

They touch on Katie standing up to Stassi Schroeder.  “Well, enough was enough.  Everyone has a threshold and I let her get away with so much because I simply was more indifferent about things than she was but you know this was something I was not going to waver on.” 

Tom says Stassi was just so bullheaded with the whole issue.  “Over the course of the last year, she was rigid and frigid.” 

Andy brings out a cartoon groundhog because he just can’t resist nonstop goofy games and questions nowadays.   The groundhog asks Katie if she’d rather bang Ken or Jax.  She chooses Ken.  He then asks Tom to share something about Katie that annoys him.  He says she chews loudly. 

Katie admits that Lisa Vanderpump is the highest maintenance guest she waits on at SUR.  But she said she means that with love and respect but you really have to cater to her. 

Twitter asks who Tom would choose: Katie or Jax?  Obviously he says Katie.  Andy then asks Katie if she’s confounded by how Tom and Jax are still such good friends.  “It is what it is.” 

What’s going on with her and Stassi right now? “We don’t talk.”   Andy tells her he hopes that at the reunion they’ll do some talking…

A caller asks Tom if he ever would’ve told Katie had Jax not sort of forced it.  “you know what, that’s sort of the push I needed to sort of come clean.  I was planning on telling her, but confessing to someone you love that you cheated on them is easy to procrastinate a situation like that.  I was dreading it.  I’m not gonna give Jax credit because he’ll take it if I give it, but yeah, he might’ve gave me the extra little push I needed.”

Another fan wants to know why he hasn’t popped the question and wonders if Tom doesn’t see Katie as his future wife.  He says there’s no question about that, “she’s my baby. Even with as bad as what I did was and I feel terrible and awful about it, I think it was like a wake up call.  I think for a while I was going through the motions of the relationship and it was a huge wake up call.”  Andy says “I don’t see a ring on her finger, though.”  Katie shares that they’ve been together four and a half years.  She admits that there’s a breaking point for her when she’ll say either give me a ring or I’m out.  “He knows what the time frame is. Given everything that happened this summer, it’s only fair that I give him that little bit of an ultimatum.”

Andy read Lisa Vanderpump’s Tweet on the air:  Just don’t know what it is but @twschwa he just could get away with anything with me,he is too bloody cute for his own good.@MusicKillsKate.”

Another Tweeter asks why Katie makes so many allowances for Tom when he’s clearly not ready for a relationship.  “Well, how would she know that?”

A caller tells Katie she acted too calm finding out Tom had cheated for a second time – alarmingly calm. Did she act a little more aggressive off-camera about it?  “You really did see my reaction as it was done.  We were in a public place.  I was not gonna have a meltdown.  I wasn’t going to start screaming and cussing at him, even though I wanted to.  By the time I got home, it allowed me some time to cool down, but I tried to approach the stuff that’s happened with him and I with as much rationality as possible.”  Tom says it was like his safety blanket, like she wouldn’t murder him in public.

The next caller asks if Katie sees herself being friends with Kristen again?  “There was a moment in Miami when we were all getting along.” She thought it might be an opening for them to get along, but then when they got back Kristen started acting the same again, so Katie doesn’t know what the future holds. 

The poll question was do you believe Tom – 76% said NO. 


Photo Credit: Twitter